@PlanetBrandee LIVE from Florida! Part 1


Finding the best fun, food and Goodwill thrifting in Florida! Part 1

I’m balancing as I write this, laptop on knees, digging my toes into warm, soft sand, and carefully juggling my morning coffee while taking in a breathtaking view of, wait for it, the Atlantic Ocean! Wave after wave greets the shore and I couldn’t be happier to report that for all of May I will be reporting LIVE from Florida on this special travel, food and Best of Goodwill’s southern series!

Going back a few days ago, I was back in NYC bemoaning the fact that Spring apparently, was taking its SLOW sweet time getting to the city. Then fantastic news arrived as I was handed my ticket to take off into sunny and fabulous skies of Florida! A hip and skip on a plane ride later and I touched down in beautiful Orlando. After navigating the airport, which hosts over 35 million visitors a year just as eager as me to get to the beach and take in the sights, I got settled into my gorgeously dreamy pastel bungalow, replete with breezy, balcony view of the ocean, and began mapping out my voyage!

Orlando and Daytona Beach are my first stops! Home to Universal Studios, Disney World and a million and one tourists traps, I opted out of the typical mouse ears and into local, sustainable hotspots. But before I go anywhere, I need vacay outfits. Having come from NYC, the home of black everything, I want bright, juicy prints and swank gear ala The Birdcage, and I know just the place to get them! Nestled at 7531 S Orange Blossom Trail, the Orlando Goodwill is a gem! An entranceway flanked by palm trees, (do you hear me New York, PALM TREES!), and a superfriendly local staff have me excited to dig out some jems. Inspiring me are these Hawaiian print photos, and a dress for that romantic sunset on the beach dinner my fiancé and I are planning to have. Oh yeah, I wrote that word, but listen readers, but that’s a whole nother’ series starting in June, wink wink!

I find two bright pink and turquoise pieces, caftan and slip dress, as well as a killer pair of vintage wedge sandals that are perfect for slow dancing under Florida starry skies! I also found a great pair of cargo shorts, a Camelback bag (those retail start at $30+ no joke!) AND some gently used hiking boots for our Everglades trek. Total for all: $28.75! Yes! SCORE!

That night I do an old Hollywood regency mashup on the beach of the pink silk slip dress in cozy, snug stretch and sport a few golden bangles and sparkly bits to make it a Daytona date night. We dine on incredible seafood Florida is loved for, swordfish steak, crab legs and some delectable clams and shrimp buried in butter and Old Bay. If you’re here definitely check out The Dock Down Under and Crabby Joe’s on the Famous SunGlow Pier! This trip is starting off awesome!

There’s SO much to soak in here, so one blog just won’t cut it! So get ready because over the next MONTH I’ll be highlighting some great eats, numerous Goodwill spots all over Florida where find THE best thrifting to take home, and the gorgeousness of this Seminole state, from the majestic Everglades, to red hot Miami and historic Cape Canaveral, it’s all happening right here! Stay tuned from my next blog where we go deep into the wild Everglades and discover some serious adventures! Follow my treks on Twitter and Instagram @PlanetBrandee – till then, see you on the beach!


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