Subtle Sparkle Saves the Season

Simple, classy, but with just enough bling.

It can be really difficult to find accessories that fit that description, but they’re what every lady wants. A little sparkle can add a sense of fun and flirtatiousness to your looks, but too much, and you can easily cross the line into trashy town (especially if we’re talking work wear or other daytime ensembles).

But that’s exactly why this week’s Goodwill find felt like such a win! These casual, soft gray loafers are a style that seems totally suited to winter and the freezing cold February temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately in the Tri-State area – if you’re not going to wear giant snow boots, why not put on a shoe that feels more like a soft slipper, right? But as cozy as these cute flats are, they’ve also got a definite air of panache, as well. Though their styling is really quite simple and the color classic, the silvery sequined inset over the toe really wakes up these fabulous flats and gives them a sense of playfulness that will make them stand out against any backdrop.

So they will, of course, go with basically everything (which you know I absolutely love in a new purchase), but these shoes will also add enough detail and feminine flair to an outfit to give it a real sense of individuality.

sequin fabric flatsComfy and cozy winter accessories don’t have to be boring! For just one day, ditch those very practical snow boots you’ve been wearing to death and try something a little more fun (but still appropriate for winter), like these lovely, soft, and warm sparkly gray flats.

Brighten up those winter basics.

Now is the time of year when we all start to get supremely sick of winter (and rightly so), and yearn for the warmer temps and occasionally sunshiny days of spring. Since we’re not quite there yet – there’s definitely several more weeks of cold, wind, and probably snow ahead – it can help to inject a little of spring’s light and lively attitude into your end-of-winter outfits. Dressing a little differently really can change your mood, and to boost my own, I’ve decided to pair these fabulous and just slightly flashy flats with a bright blue pair of jeans and some classic pieces on top – a white, light, flowing blouse and form-fitting black blazer. The layers keep this ensemble warm enough to wear at the end of February, but the vibrant hue of the pants and airy feeling in the top definitely make this outfit feel like it’s transitioning into springtime and the brighter days ahead.

black blazer, white flowy top, blue pantGive classically cut and tailored wardrobe items a wake-up call, by pairing neutral separates with one solid – but mood-boosting and bright piece – and just a hint of sparkle, for a look that can easily carry you through those last achingly painful weeks of winter.

Lauren Haslett writes “Goodwill Gems,” our weekly column about everything accessories here in A Good Look. She is a lover of fabulous fashion, a trained chef and a writer.  Follow her on twitter.

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