Radiant in Reds

On the hunt for accessories with some heat!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day – and whether you love it or you hate it, you’re probably starting to see red absolutely everywhere.

Whether you’re attached or single, planning a big date night or having a little potluck party with friends, you really can’t go wrong with a vibrant, heart-warming shade of red to lift you up during the dreary, gray winter season. Which is why I felt so lucky to come across this spectacular handbag at my local Goodwill thrift shop this weekend. A seriously sweet deal, this gently used bag is real leather and originally from French Connection, so you know that even though it costs way less than it would straight from the designer shop, you know it’s a high-quality piece that will last you a lifetime. Plus, its gorgeous bright, coral-red hue is brilliant addition to almost any outfit (especially a typically monochromatic winter one).

french-connection-coral-purseThis bright red, ladylike bag will infuse your whole winter wardrobe with a hint of fresh summer flair.

Even an urban wardrobe needs a little happy.

It does, really and truly, make a lot of sense to sport a lot of black in the city during the winter season. Mushy, slushy old snow and sleet make trekking through city streets a little treacherous, and also potentially damaging to otherwise adorable outfits. But just because black does always look sleek and practical, that doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally jazz it up with a bright spot of gorgeous, mood-boosting color. You could, of course, pair this pretty purse with a whole rainbow of colors – sticking to a black backdrop is, by no means, a requirement – but the dark ensemble I’ve chosen here really does allow the vividly toned bag to seriously stand out.

001-2Boost your classic, go-to items – like this black sweater dress and soft black leggings – with one perfectly placed pop of bright red, like this fabulous find of a bag.

Lauren Haslett writes “Goodwill Gems,” our weekly column about everything accessories here in A Good Look. She is a lover of fabulous fashion, a trained chef and a writer.  Follow her on twitter.

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