Temperatures Fall, Style Rises

snowmageddon-2015-memes-4Juno…Juno…Juno…*shakes head*

Whether you were in the area’s that had major snowfall or in an area that had light covering, we can all agree on one thing – IT IS FREAKING COLD! Lucky for you, we are here to share with you some adorb DIY winter fashion. Goodbye generic gloves and scarves – hello personalized beautiful one of a kind pieces! These accessories are extremely easy to put together, can be used in Spring AND the items you would need can be purchased for 25% off this Monday during out Winter Blowout Sale.

Pearl Gloves

Tired of wearing gloves and feeling like you are about to get involved in some serious manual labor?  Click here to add some feminine touches.

Embellished Knitted Hat

At Goodwill you can find a plethora of buttons and sewable knick-knacks – perfect to customize that drab hat. Click here to add some personality to your hat.


Sweater Headwrap

Before throwing out any worn out sweaters, learn how to turn it into a beautiful and chic headwrap here.


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