PlanetBrandee LIVE from Rockefeller Center!

PlanetBrandee LIVE From Rockefeller Centerhol·i·day
1. a day of festivity or recreation when no work is done.
December 25 is an official public holiday”

synonyms: day of observance, festival, feast day, fête, fiesta, celebration, anniversary, jubilee; More

1. spend a holiday in a specified place.
“she is holidaying in New York freakin’ City”

Christmas LightsLive from Rockefeller Center, I’m in a bit of a holly jolly jam! From underneath the twinkling bough of this 13 ton tree, and past the bright blaze of its blazing lights, I’ve somehow become tangled in fake snow and lights! while we wait for security, I hold my giggling Rockette cohort close as we share gingerbread horror stories. Bad sweaters! Eggnog! Long lines at the townie malls! Slow tourist walkers! Is this the snow dusted zombie apocalypse? Nope, it’s just holiday shopping time!

PlanetBrandeeNewly untangled, and making a beeline past barricades, we take a quick trek through the front row of this fabulous tree lighting, and slip through the backstage Radio City Music Hall’s doors laughing. True, we’ve all been there, the crazy holiday STRESS time, and most swear to never do it again! But it’s my duty to school you on my glittering “Holiday Survival Guide!” Let me show you how getting up and coming into Goodwill may just be a little better for you, the environment and your wallet, not to mention your sanity! Come with me, and avoid the madness of generic strip malls and overcrowded outlets. Let’s break the usual procrastinator’s move: waiting until the chaos of Christmas Eve and rushing out at the last minute! It’s going to be easier this year, because we’re going to get through this! Goodwill is bringing a breath of fresh air with some fantastic deals, and you can plan on avoiding the NKOTB sweater mall zombies by getting in on this survival packed action! Let’s get started on the simple steps to Holiday Survival:

1. Get spiced hot chocolate, (seductively dipped chilies included!) from The Chocolate Room

2. Drink said delicious beverage while listening to Nat King Cole

3. Put on your most comfortable shopping shoes, in my case, some killer leopard booties!

4. Shop Goodwill!

photo1Let’s have visions of vintage sugarplums dancing through our heads as we work our way down that checklist you’ve had crammed in the back of your bag for the last few weeks:

Fun vintage tie for your thrifting guy pal? $7.99? Check!

100% silk dress for your co-worker who loves the 1920’s look? $9.99? Check!

Unique destash and knick-knacks for the hard-to-shop-for relative starting at $.99 Check!

Cashmere sweaters? 7 Jeans? Checkdoublecheck!

sparkleAnd if all that doesn’t sound like enough to get you ready to survive this holly jolly nightmare, let’s remember that every year Goodwill also keeps 62 million pounds of unwanted goods out of landfills. So instead of giving Auntie Mame a generic made in China plastic trinket that will end up buried in the back of her bodega, or worse, just thrown out, come into Goodwill and find her some cherished secondhand items, and better yet, present it all in a beautiful DIY wrapping paper with a handwritten note of thanks she’ll always remember! Shop local and don’t fall for the zombied mall madness, keep your shopping unique, one of a kind and personal, just like yourself!

Macys BelieveBe sure to stay tuned for my January blog as I’ll be reporting LIVE from VEGAS! You read right, VEGAS BABY! That’s right readers, @PlanetBrandee is headed for shopping, eating and travel in Sin City and some amazing photo ops are sure to come from it! So get ready for the adventure of a lifetime LIVE from fabulous streets of Las Vegas, NV! Join me as my journeys from runway to highway continue to fuel my search for the best food, fun and fashion the world can offer! Till January, see you on the streets and have a very happy holidays! Follow my adventures on Twitter and Instagram! #planetbrandee #fashion #NYC

Brandee Sanders is a writer, creative lifestyle and thrift enthusiast. Brandee’s work has been featured in Bill Cunningham’s New York Times style column, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, AOL and Time Out NY. Follow her runway meets the highway adventures and travels @PlanetBrandee 

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