Give New Life to Boring Basics

Basic and beautiful.

This time of year can get really crazy – work is hectic up to the end of the year for many of us, family obligations abound, and festive parties and get-togethers are crammed into nearly every other moment. So how does a polished, professional lady keep it all together?

She picks a uniform. Sure, there are plenty of fancy parties and events that require a little dressing up, but the rest of the time, keep it as simple as possible to maintain your sanity – minimize the number of other worries and stressors you have to deal with, and you’ll sail through the holiday season, wits and humor still in tact.

That’s why this week’s Goodwill gem is such an utterly fantastic find! This darling cocktail ring is a big, attention-grabbing accessory, but the green faux gemstone and gold metal base are the perfect color combo to liven up any look during the holiday season. With a stunner like this on your finger, you really don’t need loads of other jewelry – or anything else at all, really. Pop this on with everything from basics to festive frocks, and you’ll be set to step out looking nothing less than fabulous.

green and gold statement ringThis gorgeous statement ring will certainly catch eyes and garner you flattering comments this holiday season. Its green-and-gold coloring is rich and perfect for complementing practically any outfit at this time of year.

Bring on the basics!

A ring like this one would, of course, look absolutely lovely with your favorite cocktail dress in a rich ruby red, gold, or white. But for those times when you’re not dressing up for a specific occasion and feel like you have absolutely no idea what to wear to get out the door fast and still look presentable, I say once again, keep it simple (this really is my mantra at all times, but especially during the holidays). Pair go-to basics like your favorite pair of soft, stretchy jeans with foolproof pieces like a long-sleeved white tee-shirt and cozy, thigh-length sweater for a slouchy, cool-but-casual look that will ensure you’re comfortable while you run around shopping for presents, mailing holiday cards, and baking cookies for your friend’s swap, but will still leave you looking pretty and put together. A bold, statement piece of jewelry, like this week’s fabulous find, makes the whole ensemble look just a little more elevated, elegant, and polished than an outfit sans sparkle of any kind.

white tee grey cardiganSimple and sophisticated can really be one and the same. This laid-back style gets a serious lift from this week’s gorgeous green-and-gold find.

Lauren Haslett writes “Goodwill Gems,” our weekly column about everything accessories here in A Good Look. She is a lover of fabulous fashion, a trained chef and a writer.  Follow her on twitter.

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