Holiday Party Hopping: What to Wear

Thanks in part to the department stores, the holiday season is rapidly approaching! Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza are on their way, but don’t fret, because I have your holiday style guide prepared for you. Whether you’re heading to a new girlfriend’s house for the holidays, your parent’s home for Hanukkah, or just staying in on New Year’s Eve, you’ll be ready.

The first thing you want to think about is comfort. No matter the occasion, you want to be comfortable in your fashion choices.

469746903Are you heading to a new love interest’s house for the holidays? If this is the case, keep the outfit simple. You’ll want to wear a darker, tailored denim jean, matched with a solid button down shirt, and a solid or lightly patterned cardigan. If you choose to wear a patterned cardigan, keep the socks to a solid color; otherwise, have fun with them. Dress to impress, but within reason.

515066443-01If you are invited to an office party, beware of the kitschy light-up ties and antlers. Feel out the way of the office; if the ambiance at your place of employment is tight-lipped and stern, chances are the Rudolph nose should stay at home. For these events, you still have to look professional. I’m not telling you to wear a suit and tie, but still dress nicely. I suggest a darker khaki pant, a solid color button down shirt, and a patterned tie. If you’d like to wear a vest or a jacket, that’s okay, too. Be sure that the color of the shirt and tie match. The key here is to look like you’re ready to have a good time, but just remember that your boss will probably be within close proximity.

If you are heading to a large city that has a nightclub for New Year’s Eve, the rules are completely different. This kind of outfit must exude your personality from top to bottom. Definitely start with a lighter, tighter pair of straight leg denim jeans, and match them up with a patterned button down shirt. The tie you choose, if this is the route you want to go, should be a solid color, and top it off with a darker blazer. Throw in some jewelry here, such as a bulky ring or a large metallic watch.

462470205The shoes you wear don’t matter, as long as they match a belt … and yes, fellas, always wear a belt. The look comes together nicer, okay?

Be confident no matter what you wear, and have a great holiday season! Spread some holiday cheer, and let us know how your outfit came together in the New Year.

Joseph Federico is a published author (IMAGES OF AMERICA: GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP) and the proud owner of Anchors To Dusk Publishing, LLC. He has over 10 years experience in the editorial and writing field, as well as an extensive background in marketing. Currently, Joseph is working on several book projects of his own, including a project spotlighting the American shopping village of Historic Smithville; that is set to be released early in 2015. Please follow Anchors on Instagram, and Twitter. If you have any style questions, or simply want to say hello, email Joseph Federico at

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