The Power of Purple

Purple was historically the color of royalty for a reason. It’s rich, complex, and a shade of it is flattering on basically every kind of coloring and skin tone in the spectrum. It’s also a lovely way to add a deep, sophisticated color to your holiday wardrobe’s palette without sticking solely to the standard hues of red, green, and white. What more reason do you need to pop a pretty splash of purple into your closet this season?

My latest Goodwill gem is the kind of accessory I just love – pretty but practical, it’s a piece a gal can easily use on a daily basis, but that still feels a little special, and will certainly give a bit of extra charm to any ensemble you pair it with. A pocketbook in a pretty deep purple hue, this bag is large enough to hold all of your everyday necessities – even an extra pair of flats for nights you plan to head out dancing or to a holiday party after an already-long day. This purse’s rectangular shape could look a bit boring or boxy, but the leather exterior isn’t super stiff or structured, giving it a softer, slightly more relaxed feel.

purple purseThis delightful purple bag will add a pop of fun color and a bit of ladylike polish to all of your looks this season.

A very versatile find. You could easily throw this bag on over a structured blazer for a big meeting or your go-to black dress for a cocktail party or other holiday shindig. But this darling purse also works divinely with more casual items of clothing. Here, I’ve paired it with a simple, straight-legged gray trouser in a soft cotton – the kind of pant that goes with literally everything at this time of year, and can easily be dressed up or down. For a somewhat fancier outfit, top the trousers with a flowing, jewel-toned blouse in a silky or satiny fabric. Here, I’ve gone a bit more laid-back and chosen an everyday sweater with a feminine scoop neck and fitted, figure-hugging cut instead. The sweater is also in a lovely (and quite similar) shade of purple to the bag – while I’m not usually one for matching my outfits perfectly, or matching my bag to anything at all – I love this color so much, totally saturating my top half in it was something I just couldn’t resist trying. With another bright accessory – like a long, shimmering metallic necklace – to break it up a bit, the purple-on-purple combination could really work well and make the whole ensemble, casual as it is, feel polished and put together.

purple on purple outfitKeep it simple. A pretty purple-on-purple, almost monochromatic look is an easy way to make even a casual outfit and accessories feel all dressed up and completely chic.

Lauren Haslett writes “Goodwill Gems,” our weekly column about everything accessories here in A Good Look. She is a lover of fabulous fashion, a trained chef and a writer.  Follow her on twitter.

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