Beautiful in Shades of Blue

When most of us think of fall colors, we think of rusty hues. Rich reds, browns, vibrant oranges and yellows. But if you’re a fan of cooler tones (as I am), there are easy ways to work those fresher shades, like blues, purples, grays and greens, into your autumn wardrobe.

One super simple way, of course, is with a darling pair of shoes. This fabulous footwear – spotted this week at my local Goodwill shop in Queens – is just right for this time of year. A mix of deep blue and black, this faux-snakeskin footwear has a polished closed toe with just enough point, a comfortable, stretchy elastic strap over the front to keep them in place, and just enough heel to add a really professional, ladylike sparkle to all of your favorite everyday outfits.

sapphire heelsThese pretty heels in a sophisticated sapphire color are bright enough to make a statement, but still soft enough to work with your professional wear.

Keep it cool. You could, of course, always throw these sweet shoes on with a pair of black pants or a classic black cocktail dress and be instantly set for any work scenario or classy networking situation. But here, I’ve decided to pop them on with a slightly more relaxed, but still pretty and professional, look for the office. I’ve chosen an overall neutral, cool palette to work with, so that the ensemble complements my awesome new shoes without clashing with them. A perfectly fitted dress in a soft, grayish-blue chambray fabric is more casual than a cocktail dress, but still looks totally put together. (And it was also, as it happens, purchased at my fave Goodwill thrift shop!) Underneath, a simple white long-sleeved tee makes this all-around adorable dress appropriate for November’s cooler temps – and with a pair of black or gray tights and my fantastic new footwear, I’ve got a polished, but still fun and slightly quirky, work outfit in no time!

grayish-blue chambray dressDressing for everyday activities, like heading into the office, can sometimes feel like a bit of a bore. But as long as you mix up your go-to work wear with a few fun, original, standout pieces now and then – like this fanciful pair of colorful footwear – you’ll be able to make even the oldest outfits feel new again in a flash.


Lauren Haslett writes “Goodwill Gems,” our weekly column about everything accessories here in A Good Look. She is a lover of fabulous fashion, a trained chef and a writer.  Follow her on twitter.

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