Window Sales for November 7 and 8

window sale headerWindow Sale General Rules:

    • Tickets are distributed to customers in line, first come-first serve 
    • Customers may enter the store in numerical order once the doors open to the public
    • Customers may purchase a limited number of window items, check each store for specific details
    • After selecting their window items, customers may shop for other items in the store, go back in line to purchase other window items or exit the store until it opens to the public
    • Check for specific store rules

To see previews of what some stores are offering this weekend, check out our Instagram page.

New York City
23rd Street Store: Friday 11/7 tickets 8:15 am; sale 8:45 am
79th Street Store: Friday 11/7 tickets 8:45 am; sale 9 am
Bronx Store: Friday 11/7 tickets 7:45 am; sale 8 am
East Harlem Store: Saturday 11/8 tickets 8:15 am; sale 8:30 am
Fulton Store: Saturday 11/8 tickets 8:30 am; sale 9 am
Greenwich Village Store: Saturday 11/8 tickets 8:50 am; sale 9 am
Harlem Store: Saturday 11/8 sale 9 am
Livingston Store: Friday 11/7 tickets 8 am; sale 8:30 am
Stuyvesant Store: Saturday 11/8 tickets 9:15 am; sale 9:30 am

Long Island
Centereach Store: Saturday 11/8 tickets 9 am; sale 9:30 am

Northern New Jersey
Fairfield Store: Saturday 11/8 tickets 9 am; sale 9:30 am

To find a Goodwill Store near you, click here.

Your purchases support the mission of Goodwill.
To learn how we serve the community, please read our industry blog Where The Goodwill Goes


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