PlanetBrandee LIVE from Philadelphia!

PlanetBrandee LIVE From PhiladelphiaRunning up the stairs chanting the rocky theme song, meeting someone who was in that same iconic film scene AND binge watching everything’s sunny in Philadelphia, ALL of this more awaits you my faithful readers as this week I write to you from the halls of history, liberty and brotherly love in Philadelphia.

As in all of my treks, I like to hammer out hot eats, great fashion and local culture vibes. So let’s jump right in!

Blending old with new

Fuel up with PHILLY EATS

Reading Terminal Market is a fellow not-for-profit organization brimming with spectacular finds. Its website includes a host of events: “Mouth-​watering aromas; Locally grown and exotic produce; Amish specialties; Fresh meats, seafood, and poultry; Handmade confections and baked goods straight from the oven; Everything you need to create a memorable meal – from cookbooks to table linens, kitchen ware, fresh cut flowers, and more. Plus, the widest variety of restaurants under one roof, find it all here at Philadelphia’s historic public market, Reading Terminal Market.” I personally scored Amish honey and a bowl of Gumbo that would make a grown Cajun cry with joy.

Get curated with PHILLY STYLE

The Philly vintage arena is a scene to be reckoned with. Here I am, looking at you Jazz Age New Yorkers. Philly’s Goodwill, and a host of other resourceful second-hand shops allow locals and visitors to find gems like the raw silk chemise (Jil Sander people) for $9.99 and high waisted pencil skirt by D&G for $24.99. It’s a Philly miracle!


historical architectureThere are so many Instagram worthy shots in this gem of a city. It was difficult not to create an entire post about only the historical and architecture elements. Take a look at the photos here, and if you’re in town give yourself at least a few hours to cruise reading terminal, grab a coffee, and then get lost on the streets. Especially during fall, the area near Manayunk is spectacular. Fierce, brilliant reds and golds burst across the riverside. And if you get a chance to kayak as I did, it’s a breathtaking experience. As I snuggle up to this sexy cheese steak (WHAT? Like I could blog about Philly and NOT mention cheese steaks lol!) I think back on the local influences I’ve met, talented Tom of Philly Blind Pig BBQ (brisket you’d street fight for.), the melodic voice of The Pilot, The Driver at Dawson’s Street Pub, (old-school style you need to visit at least once while in town), and numerous other artists and creative social making Philly a great escape. Making a life traveling, eating and finding ways to blend fashion, culture and local flavor is a blessing. And as I take out my November travel itinerary, make the most of it is exactly what I plan to do! 

Join me next blog as my November travel journeys from runway to highway continue to fuel my search for the best food, fun and fashion the world can offer. Till then, see you on the streets. Follow the adventures on Twitter, #planetbrandee #fashion #NYC

Brandee Sanders is a writer, creative lifestyle and thrift enthusiast. Brandee’s work has been featured in Bill Cunningham’s New York Times style column, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, AOL and Time Out NY. Follow her runway meets the highway adventures and travels @PlanetBrandee 

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