Brilliantly Easy, Bold Looks

Dark colors and denim can make a serious statement. I know I often preach about how important it is to include a little color in your wardrobe (and it is!), but as any city girl can tell you, black is, and always will be, the ultimate in wear-anywhere practicality.

So when you just can’t help but reach for those dark black staples lurking in (or possibly taking over?) your closet, how do you still ensure your ensemble stands out? That’s where accessories – like this week’s gorgeous Goodwill-found gems – come in. These plush purple high heels have a rich, beautiful color and retro style that’s sure to grab attention, even when you pair them with other dark pieces. The royally rad hue of these shoes is also lovely because it goes just as well with any other neutral hue as it does with black – put these pretty pumps on with beige, navy, white, brown – the options are endless, and whatever you choose, they’re sure to look absolutely darling.

purple pumpsA girl can never have enough shoes – especially when the latest thrifty find in Goodwill’s shoe department is a wonderfully polished pair of purple suede pumps like these, sure to catch every passerby’s eye.

Go bold or go home.  But going bold doesn’t have to mean super glammed up, over-the-top outfits or huge pieces of sparkling jewelry. Bold can actually be incredibly simple – and honestly, a perfectly picked ensemble, all in stark black, is an easy way to go bold while keeping things low-key and classy, too. Here, I’ve chosen a fitted pair of figure-flattering black pants and topped it off with a simply cut black tank. To ward off the chilly October winds, I’ve added a tailored denim blazer – the cut of this jean jacket makes it look a little more professional, but any other classic denim cover-up would look just as cute here. The purple pumps will add the only spot of color (much-needed, I might add), but since they’re also on the darker side of the color spectrum, they still manage to give the look that burst of color in a subtle, sophisticated kind of way. One long, statement necklace or pretty printed scarf would add a lovely finishing touch to this ensemble (but is totally optional – the look still looks totally put together and polished without anything else).

all-black and denim ensemble Effortlessly give all your basic looks – like this all-black and denim ensemble – a touch of refined glamor and a bit of  fun with a cool, colorful pair of shoes.

Lauren Haslett writes “Goodwill Gems,” our weekly column about everything accessories here in A Good Look. She is a lover of fabulous fashion, a trained chef and a writer.  Follow her on twitter.

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