The Best Way to Hang Onto Summer Styles

Lighter colors work well for fall, too. Believe it or not, just because the temperatures have dropped, it’s not a mandate to immediately start wearing black all day, every day (though it might be hard to tell that there’s any other color when you’re walking through the city these days).

This week’s darling gem – a pair of pretty wedge platforms – has a free-spirited feeling to it that easily recalls those summer months full of sunshine and trips to the beach, but because they’re totally close-toed, they’re still way appropriate for fall’s cooler weather. The neutral linen fabric on top – so much like washed-out sand along a coastline – and the woven wedge heel will actually pair beautifully with loads of warm autumn colors, like rich reds and burgundies, beautiful vibrant oranges, and soft, soothing browns and grays.

textured wedge heelsIn a pretty neutral hue with a fun textured heel, these delightful wedges will easily carry you from late summer to fall.

Experiment with a go-to ensemble. Sometimes, we really want to play with what we wear; it can be a fantastic form of creative expression. But sometimes, you just need to get out the door, ASAP, looking reasonably sane and put together, and without a lot of fuss. For those mornings, dear friends, I have the perfect fall getup that will keep you looking classy and feeling comfortable. Enter the foolproof jeans + blazer + uber-pretty printed scarf combo. You can wear favorite pair of jeans, whatever those might be (though I will add a caveat here and note that, for anything resembling a professional or slightly dressed up but still casual affair, please at least consider going with a darker wash and a straight cut – it just looks more grown-up). Top with any basic tee (the shirt really isn’t the focal point here), your most tailored blazer in a neutral hue (I’ve chosen a nice beige to sort of echo the linen in my darling new shoes), and use another accessory – a gorgeous printed scarf – to really add a bit of color, a bold print, and some serious flair to an otherwise simple look. Swap shoes and scarves as you see fit, but this no-fail ensemble (like most of my favorites) relies entirely on the accessories to give it a punch of personality, rather than the main pieces, which are actually quite basic.

fall outfitPunch up your go-to fall basics with bright, beautiful accessories and a fabulous pair of wedges, like this week’s incredible Goodwill find, for an amazingly effortless outfit that will have you looking polished and pulled together in no time.

Lauren Haslett writes “Goodwill Gems,” our weekly column about everything accessories here in A Good Look. She is a lover of fabulous fashion, a trained chef and a writer.  Follow her on twitter.

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