PlanetBrandee LIVE From Everybody Else’s Weddings

PlanetBrandee LIVE From Everybody Elses WeddingSorry for the delay in posting, but I’m writing from you under the cookie table of my friend’s wedding. YES, under the table, as there’s barely any WiFi here, but apparently it’s THE only safe place to hide from crazy relations and ugly bridesmaids dresses. But I have advice my savvy readers and it’s urgent I share it with you.

Even the most avid thrifter knows, most weddings are a challenge to pay for. Finding the best or most affordable venue, avoiding terrible color choices, dealing with family, picking the tastiest food and cake the COST! But if you strap on your thrift store boots, you’ll successfully navigate a wedding on a shoestring…DIY low budget.

Below we found out the top four challenges we face and the best way to overcome them.

Cookie Table


Surprise! Does $25K terrify you as being the AVERAGE price tag for a traditional wedding? Well, it makes me weak, as in excuse me while I eat this biscotti that I found under this table. Because WHAT does that PRICE HAT TAG pays for? I encourage the readers to take a moment to search under the keyword “DIY Wedding” to review the many useful tips and tricks, as well as excellent advice offered on finding what you want and ways to get it at a DIY target price that works for you. And like I tell all of my couple clients, never be afraid to be HONEST and up front about what you’re comfortable paying for and the price for that comfort. Be transparent with your partner and know, for most people it’s not about the money; it’s about creating that moment you’ll never forget.

Wedding Favors? – DIY
Invites? ONLINE
Catered? POTLUCK

Challenge #2 – LOCATION/VENUE

Finding a place that works for you can be a challenge, I’d say shoe aisle at Goodwill Steinway, but that’s just ME! To find a location is a pain, especially if like most savvy thrifters your budget is small, but it’s not impossible.  If you can’t find a local option that caters to your DIY aesthetic, considering a get-away or a location wedding may make the day even more magical, just be open to places, friends houses, parks, farms, B&B’s and the right place will come.

Challenge #3 – ATTIRE

So many fun and cool couples are EMBRACING the thrift look and saving thousands on attire. STOP going to high end boutiques and save that dough for your honeymoon to the Amazon. This is strictly eye candy territory, but dig this image bank. DIY couples from all walks of life, looking fab in thrifted and second hand/vintage ensembles. If they can, so can you! Vintage and second hand suits ALL body types, so get in on the action.

Challenge #4 – BEING READY

This is easy to understand. Many couples face the big day with fear and trepidation. Will this venue work? Will it be perfect? Is this it? How do I look? Are we READY? And the truth is, yes, yes you are. Enjoy and embrace your day, it’s a reflection of YOU and no one else. It’s not about Vera Wang and 10K diamonds, it’s about LOVE, so be it Neiman Marcus or Goodwill, make it special and make it REAL.

Join me next blog as my secret travel journeys from runway to highway continue to fuel my search for the best food, fun and fashion the world can offer. Till then, see you on the streets! Follow the adventures on Twitter! #planetbrandee #fashion #NYC

Brandee Sanders is a writer, creative lifestyle and thrift enthusiast. Brandee’s work has been featured in Bill Cunningham’s New York Times style column, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, AOL and Time Out NY. Follow her runway meets the highway adventures and travels @PlanetBrandee 

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