What’s Your GoodLook This Week?

10551088_572716646187684_2836262508351674466_n[1] Victor Lopez, one of our visual merchandisers put together this 1960’s-inspired outfit at our Elmwood Park, NJ Goodwill store. Can you guess how much this whole look costs? Less than $100! Here are the items our lovely mannequin, let’s call her Mandy, is wearing.

1970386_572716342854381_2192213515180689822_n[1]·      Ann Taylor Dress – $9.99
·      Cowhide handbag made in Italy – $24.99
·      Gold DKNY bracelet – $7.99
·      Grey glasses – $5.99
·      Michael Kors nude pumps – $24.99

When asked why he chose this as this week’s GoodLook, Victor said” The sixties was a decade that broke many fashion traditions: The contrast of colors, wearing pantyhose with tiny dresses and short hair styles.” Fashion always reinvents itself. Many of the trends from the 60’s were present at this year’s New York Fashion Week for designer’s 2015 collections.

Is there a certain decade of fashion you love and channel when putting together outfits? Show us and you could win a $25 Goodwill gift card! There is only one week left to enter our Good Look contest. What better time than this weekend to embark in this project and score a $25 gift card from Goodwill? Here is how:

Take a selfie of you wearing your decade inspired duds and then enter one of the following ways:

Enter via our Facebook Contest Page

Twitter and Instagram:
Post your picture with the hashtag #GoodwillGoodLook and you will be automatically entered.

Good luck!

Your purchases support the mission of Goodwill.
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