Gear Up for a Fantastic Fall

Buckle up! Now that we’re (almost) officially into the fall season, or at least near enough to it, it’s time to get back to the grind.

The simplest way to pretty up a really basic outfit for any season is to add a brilliant pop of bright color with one standout accessory, like these woven belts in a vibrant arrow pattern. In a cool rainbow of shades – pink, pale blue, white, gray, and black – these belts are anything but basic, and while totally functional, will also add a spot of style to any look.

colorful embroidered beltsThe close of the relaxed summer season doesn’t mean you have to immediately jump into drab colors and big wooly sweaters. Use bright, colorful accessories like these seriously cool embroidered belts to add a dose of style and new life to old outfits.

Simplify, simplify, simplify. Don’t make the change of seasons and this hectic time of year anymore difficult than it needs to be. The easiest way to transition from summer to fall is to keep working those beloved new summer wardrobe purchases into your cooler weather wardrobe. There’s only a short window of time where we can still get away with incorporating those summer pieces, so here, I’ve chosen a pretty tank in an airy, loose-fitting fabric and light lavender hue. On the bottom, simple (I’m serious here) black slim-cut pants, which effortlessly anchor the look, and which don’t fight with the fun pattern I plan to put on at waistline. Bonus: since there’s also black in the belt’s punchy pattern, wearing the basic shade on the bottom really does help to tie the whole ensemble together.

black pants and simple tankIncorporating fresh, fun new accessories into outfits using old, tried-and-true items doesn’t have to be tough. Here, I’ve used classic black pants and a simple tank as the background on which to show off my bold new belt, spotted this week at my local Goodwill shop.

Lauren Haslett writes “Goodwill Gems,” our weekly column about everything accessories here in A Good Look. She is a lover of fabulous fashion, a trained chef and a writer.  Follow her on twitter.

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