Classic Fashion Trends to Love

Trends fade, so it’s better to invest in pieces that can stick around for a while or until you’re ready to donate, upcycle, or swap for something new. While many trends disappear and go ‘poof!’, a few are so bright that they become classic staples in fashion. For example, camouflage was a concept introduced in the early 20th century, borrowed from the French word camoufler, meaning “to disguise”. In the late 1970s, camouflage-printed pieces went mainstream and now are a fashion standard. Designers create ‘camo’ printed pieces for military and safari inspired looks for both on and off the runway.

So, if you’re like me and have a limited budget and no time to keep up with the ever changing “ins” and “outs” of trendiness, I bet one of these fail-proof classics will feel akin to your fashion spirit this fall. I love them all:


floral printFloral printed garments are forever on trend. Wear a solo piece or arrange your flowers by mixing large and mini prints. Bring balance to your look with solid color shoes and simple accessories.


floral and animal printAnimal printed pieces- real and faux- are always in style. The trick to this trend is to step into the wild side while maintaining harmony across the rest of your look. Your challenge is to create a jungle without the jumble.

Black + White

black and white dressWearing black and white is my favorite classic trend! It’s the perfect pallet for the girl on the go. Wear solid separates or prints that are complimentary. I love plaids with ornate shapes or a monochrome floral with an animal print, like zebra. Be gallery chic in a flash.

image 1: Phillis Kwentoh image 2: kamau ware

Lesley Ware is a teaching artist, author and designer who lives in Brooklyn, NY. With her first book, Sew Fab,  Lesley hopes to encourage girls to use fashion as a creative outlet of expression and thus give fashion a more interesting future. Sew Fab it’s currently available for presale with a discount on

Read her blog and follow her at @creativecookie

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