Meet our August Good Look Winner

Congratulations to the first winner of our Good Look contest, Michele Suarez!

Good Look August WinnerWith 23 likes on her photo, Michele walked away the victor with a $25 Goodwill gift card! Can wait to hear how Michele will use her prize.

Want to be our September winner? We’ve made it even easier for you to enter and win:

All you need to do is take a selfie of you wearing your favorite thrifted look – you do it anyways, why not get something for it?!

Then enter one of the following ways:

Enter via our Facebook Contest Page

Twitter and Instagram:
Post your picture with the hashtag #GoodwillGoodLook and you will be automatically entered.

Isn’t that easy? To sweeten up the deal a bit, any time your Facebook friends join the contest, you gain bonus likes.

The photo with the most likes on our contest page wins a $25 Goodwill gift card at the end of the month.

Please note: duck faces are completely optional.

Your purchases support the mission of Goodwill.
To learn how we serve the community, please read our industry blog Where The Goodwill Goes

Latest Where The Goodwill Goes Post:
End of Summer Camp Show is a Success!

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