NYC Celebrates National Thrift Shop Day

Today, Friday August 15, New Yorkers, Goodwill shoppers and fashionistas alike will celebrate: National Thrift Shop Day! Across the five boroughs, thrifters will celebrate the values of up-cycling, smart shopping, and thrifty fashion on this unofficial holiday.

Reuse NYC, an association of over 50 New York City nonprofits that accept and sell donated goods, will host the celebration in partnership with various thrift stores and nonprofits in NYC. 

Thrift Store Day 2014 Poster 7.23.14v4

Goodwill is proud to be one of the participating stores in this event. Our New York City stores will have 15% off sales storewide (except window sale items), so be sure to visit your closest location for this day of great thrifting deals. This is a great time to search for the hottest back-to-school or fall fashion looks!

Americans across the country will celebrate National Thrift Shop Day outside of New York City this weekend on Sunday August 17. 

Thought of as a place for low-income or stingy shoppers only, thrift stores are now some of the most popular places to shop in the country. Especially after the economic downturn began in 2008, many Americans have turned to thrifting not just as a way to save, but as a new way to live. 

According to the National Association of Resale and Thrift Shops (NARTS), the resale industry has grown tremendously in recent years. In 2012, the number of thrift stores increased by 12 percent from just two years earlier.

Now, resale shopping attracts consumers from all levels, according to NARTS.

Thrifting has also received a lot of media attention in recent years. And no, I don’t just mean from Macklemore.

“Not long ago, certain shoppers would have been embarrassed to admit they shop in thrift stores. Now, they’re bragging about it,” writes reporter Brad Tuttle in article.

This weekend, Americans will celebrate this new “thrifting era” in our country by visiting some of the thousands of thrift stores across the United States. 

Thrifters have created their own community of with online forums like Reddit’s “Thrift Store Haulsor thrifting fashion blogs.

Fashion blogger, Dayana Dawson, rocks a thrifted Goodwill jacket on her Street Fashion Style blog.

The best part of the new thrifting craze? Many thrift stores give back to the community. Like Goodwill, many thrift stores and organizations have charitable missions. 

Shopping at Goodwill helps to support our mission and programs. Those same programs help place over 7,000 individuals in jobs each year. Plus, all of the donations to our stores help to keep millions of pounds of unwanted goods out of landfills each year.

So this weekend, go out and get thrifty! Support your community, save your money, help the environment, find a hidden gem, or just update your wardrobe! Happy National Thrift Shop Day!

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