Models Rock Goodwill’s Trendiest Clothing on the Streets of NYC

Our models Chantel and Barbra pose for a photo-op along with Goodwill visual merchandiser, Victor Lopez.

This week, Goodwill headed out to the streets of Manhattan for a surprise promotion! During our “model walk,” some professional models strut their stuff through New York City dressed in some of the trendiest outfits from our Goodwill stores.

Wednesday, our visual merchandiser Victor Lopez, styled our models Chantel Martinez and Barbra Santana in chic looks from the Goodwill Stuyvesant Store. The Stuyvesant Store is located at: 1704 2nd Avenue, at 88th Street; Manhattan, NY 10128. (P: 212-831-1830.)

Our model, Barbra, outside the Stuyvesant Store with her Goodwill sign
Our model, Barbra, outside the Stuyvesant Store with her Goodwill sign

After browsing around the Goodwill store, the models headed outside to show off their new looks to the Upper East Side. Many New Yorkers turned their heads as these glamorous girls walked by in the fashionable outfits with their Goodwill signs. Some local construction workers even stopped us to take a picture. 

The glamorous Goodwill girls stop to take a picture with some local construction workers.
The glamorous Goodwill girls stop to take a picture with some local construction workers.

After a fun photo shoot in the city, our models returned to the Goodwill store to shop around and talk to some of our customers. One shopper, Chelsea, said she comes to this Goodwill frequently to find unique items. “There are some great outfits here that people wouldn’t expect,” she said of the models’ high fashion looks.

Our models themselves had a great time at the Goodwill event. Both Chantel and Barbra are avid Goodwill shoppers, so they loved being styled in some of the trendiest items from our stores.

IMG_8058Chantel says she has been coming to Goodwill ever since high school when she bought a variety of outfits for some of her first acting and modeling projects. “Fashionistas love to shop at stores like Goodwill,” she says, “You never want to run into someone wearing the same outfit as you, and here with so many unique clothes you’ll almost never have that problem.”

Be sure to look out for some more models decked out in Goodwill gear as we continue our NYC model walks this summer!


Which Goodwill look will you rock on the streets of Manhattan?


Alyssa Raiola is a Journalism student at Northwestern University where she spends her time writing for campus publications, searching for new restaurants, and picking the perfect Instagram filters. Although she loves jogging along Lake Michigan and exploring the Windy City, her heart lies back home in New Jersey where pizza is the right shape and bagels are a delicacy. This summer, she’s back in the Big Apple interning and blogging with Goodwill Industries before she heads off to Seville, Spain to study abroad for the fall semester.


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