Let the Sunshine In!

Summer is in full swing. Though it may be getting uber hot and muggy, now that we’re officially halfway through the season, that doesn’t mean you can’t still look great and appropriate for the humid, end-of-July weather.

And no matter how many times I say it, I think it bears repeating once again – there’s nothing more summery than a vibrant, sunshiny pop of bold yellow to instantly brighten up any summer ensemble. This week’s gorgeous Goodwill gem is a pretty pair of retro, round-toed heels in a beautiful, deep buttery yellow color, and they will surely add an immediate lift to any summer wardrobe staples. The rounded toe and thicker heel still look lovely and feminine, but make these high-heeled beauties far more comfortable for walking than a pair of pointy stilettos. And did I mention that fabulous color?! I can’t emphasize enough how flattering this deep yellow is on nearly every skin tone, or how it really, truly goes with absolutely every other color in the (fashion) rainbow.

buttery yellow pumps

An adorably feminine and yet bold pair of brilliantly colored heels like these is just what every stylish gal needs in her wardrobe for the summer (and even to start transitioning into fall).

The eternal conundrum: comfort versus suitable style. To me, there’s nothing more perfect for beating the summer heat in style than clothing and accessories in bright pops of color and loose, flowing fits. Light, airy clothing is key to keeping cool while still looking ladylike and appropriate for a variety of settings – if you can’t be at the beach all the time (and most of us, unfortunately, cannot), just stripping down to next to nothing isn’t really an option.  Larger pieces in lighter fabrics that don’t cling too much to the body are a great way to stay cool, but still keep yourself relatively covered up (and allowed into public places). For a casual night out, you could easily pop these on with a pair of tailored shorts and a favorite tank or tee, just to jazz up an otherwise basic or constantly worn look. But here, I’ve gone for a more office-appropriate look – it can be absolutely miserable to dress for work in the midst of summer – and chosen a few other pieces in contrasting but still vibrant colors, to keep the look summery, happy, and fun, but still allow those vivid yellow heels to seriously pop. The bright pink of the skirt (and in the heart on the loose-fitting tee) is the perfect complement to that sunshine yellow – both warm tones, the two colors work well together and don’t fight each for onlookers’ attention, and yet are still different enough to really allow the other to totally stand out.

vibrant pink

These simply stunning, sunshine-colored heels are cute, comfy, and absolutely scream summer. They’ll look beautiful with an array of warm-weather colors, like the vibrant pink in the outfit pictured here, but will also work well for you when you start throwing your fall wardrobe staples back into the mix, as they will look divine with reds, browns, grays, and more subdued hues, too.

Lauren Haslett writes “Goodwill Gems,” our weekly column about everything accessories here in A Good Look. She is a lover of fabulous fashion, a trained chef and a writer.  Follow her on twitter.

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