A GoodFind on the Train: Stacked Heels

Stocking up on magazines, finding new blogs to read, watching red carpet coverage, and surfing Pinterest are great ways to get fashion inspiration. But there is one way that I love to look out for the latest trends that trumps all. Instead of looking out for new trends on celebrities or waiting for the latest issue of Vogue, I get my fash-inspiration from the crowds of people around me.

Yep, you guessed it: people-watching.

During my almost two-hour commute to Goodwill in Astoria from New Jersey, sometimes I’ll bury my head in a book or doze off to music on my iPod. But every day, I make a point to look up and enjoy all the beautiful fashion around me.

During the morning-commute at Penn Station there is QUITE a large crowd to people-watch

During the morning-commute at Penn Station there is QUITE a large crowd to people-watch

As I enter the madhouse of Penn Station I look around at the sea of women tottering around in their glamorous heels and the men rushing to the streets in their tailored suits. I see elegant professionals, casual tourists, trendy models and everyone in between. On my route from New Jersey to Queens I see just about every style you could ever imagine, and I love it.

As an intern for the first time, I especially love looking at all of the professional women’s outfits for ideas on how to rock my workplace-style. My guilty-pleasure piece to look out for when I’m people-watching? Heels. I have so much respect for the women who strut onto the subway wearing sky-high stilettos as I sit in my flat sandals, wishing I didn’t have such sensitive baby feet.

I love oggling over all the cute summer heels

I love ogling over all cute and comfy stacked heels I see on my commute!

Lately, as I’ve been investigating the women of my morning commute, I’ve noticed a trend in workplace footwear that looks a little more comfortable: the stacked sandal heel. These heels are designed to give the allusion that layers of wood have been stacked up to make a heel or wedge. Instead of the thin pain-inducer of a stiletto, these shoes have thick, sturdy heels to  give women enhanced mobility and comfort.

stacked heels 7

These stacked heels are chic for work with a blazer and pants!

Cute heels without painful side effects? Sounds like a win-win to me.

Something else I noticed that made me love these shoes even more is their versatility. I’ve seen women rocking stacked heels in slacks and blazers for work or girls wearing them with sundresses and fedoras for a day of summer exploring. These heels are the perfect day to night look for summer to stay comfortable, cool and chic.

Comfy and cute for any casual day!

I love this comfy and cute look from this great blog, Ladies in Navy!

Since summer is already half way over (sorry I had to say it), I know many of us aren’t in the place to splurge on such a seasonal piece. So, instead of breaking out the big-bucks to rock this trend, head to your nearest Goodwill or thrift store to find some unique stacked-heels that are perfect for you!

Who knows, maybe you’ll be wearing the next shoes that I admire during my morning commute!


Alyssa Raiola is a Journalism student at Northwestern University where she spends her time writing for campus publications, searching for new restaurants, and picking the perfect Instagram filters. Although she loves jogging along Lake Michigan and exploring the Windy City, her heart lies back home in New Jersey where pizza is the right shape and bagels are a delicacy. This summer, she’s back in the Big Apple interning and blogging with Goodwill Industries before she heads off to Seville, Spain to study abroad for the fall semester.


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