A Goodfit for any Occasion: Harem Pants

Harem pants, slouch pants, dressy jogging pants, or “cool girl pants” (as my friend says) are a statement trend this summer. Our old friend MC Hammer first popularized these pants in the 90s. Thankfully, today’s take on the MC Hammer pants, “harem” pants, aren’t quite as crazy as the ones MC Hammer rocked in his famous “Can’t Touch This” music video.

When Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and many other big name designers included harem pants in their Spring/Summer 2009 collections, people began to think of this once ridiculous look as a new trend.

Ralph Lauren pants

Some harem pants in Ralph Lauren’s 2009 collection

 Today, harem pants are sleeker version of the slouchy Hammer pants style. The light-weight pants are perfect for the warm summer weather and are flattering on every all body types! Whether you’re going to work, on a date, or lounging at home these pants are perfect to throw on.

Check out some of our favorite ways to style these miracle-pants! I promise, buying a pair of these pants is one purchase you won’t regret!

1. Professional

Tired of wearing slacks to work everyday? Switch up your pants-game with a pair of harem pants! With a tucked in blouse and chic-blazer these make for the perfect fashionable look to rock your next presentation.

harem pants professional
I love this monochromatic blazer + harem pants look from on Pinterest! A cute way to put a spin on the boring business suit!

2. Comfortable

Tired of bumming it in your grungy old sweat pants? Try a pair of jersey harem pants for a fashionable alternative to the classic lounge outfit. This way, when you don’t feel like taking your sweats off to go to the store, you’ll still look cute.

harem pants comfy
How comfy does this look Pinterest outfit look? And they barely look like sweats!

3. Casual

Summer weekends are filled with days exploring and spending time outside. For a fun look for your weekend adventures or your daily errands try a pair of patterned harem pants with a classic tee or tank. I promise, you’ll be racking in the compliments.

casual harem pants.
This pin of tribal harem pants are perfect for any day’s adventure!

4. Glam

Looking for a way to stand out at a fun party or on a hot date? Trade your tight skirt for a pair of embellished harem pants with a crop top or solid tank. Your confidence level will be through the roof with this statement look!

These sequined harem pants I found on Pinterest are sure to catch anyone’s eye you’re trying to impress!

The one problem with a trend as hot as harem pants? Many of them can get pricey. Instead of investing in one expensive pair, head to a thrift store like your local Goodwill for a versatile selection of low-cost pants so you can buy a pair to rock for every occasion!

How will you rock the harem pants trend this summer?


Alyssa Raiola is a Journalism student at Northwestern University where she spends her time writing for campus publications, searching for new restaurants, and picking the perfect Instagram filters. Although she loves jogging along Lake Michigan and exploring the Windy City, her heart lies back home in New Jersey where pizza is the right shape and bagels are a delicacy. This summer, she’s back in the Big Apple interning and blogging with Goodwill Industries before she heads off to Seville, Spain to study abroad for the fall semester.


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