Mid-Summer’s Most Perfect Hues

Some colors just scream summer. And while you choose to wear them at any time of year, a vibrant, beautiful blue and warm, buttery soft yellow are two colors that just look even more gorgeously radiant on anyone and everyone during the summer months.

This week’s find is a totally sweet, ultra summery tote in just that shade of beautiful, buttery, mellow yellow. The ladylike and classic shape is simple and structured, and will ensure you look superbly polished whenever you’re caught carrying it – but the soft and creamy color is smooth and relaxed, and just right for the summer season’s laid-back vibe. The slight curve to the shape on top keeps it from looking too, too stodgy or uptight and gives this cleanly designed bag a decidedly feminine edge.

summer tote in mellow yellow

Classic, for sure, but boring this bag is not. It’s beautifully cool composition, luscious yellow color and uncluttered design make this an accessory worth carrying for years to come.

Play with complementary summer shades. Yellow – reminiscent of sunshine and sandy beaches – certainly shouts “summer!” (yes, I think the exclamation point is entirely necessary), but it’s not the only hue that’s ideal for the warm weather season. The cool blue of ocean waves and clear summer skies is the perfect shade to counter and complement yellow’s warmth. To play against the voluptuous sunny yellow of my fabulous new bag, I’m pairing it here with a darling knee-length pleated skirt in a vivid blue pattern. The pattern contains just a small amount of black in the pattern’s outline, so I’ve chosen a simple, spare black tank to top off this look, ensuring nothing up top fights with the beautiful print on the bottom – and the stark black also makes a gorgeous background for the bright purse, forcing it to stand out and shine, though it’s not the brightest shade of yellow out there. The whole ensemble will come together simply and prettily with a basic pair of sandals to ground it (and if you have a yellow pair to match the bag, even better!).

cool and summery outfit

One gorgeous, summery accessory is all you need to build a lovely look around. If you have a piece you love – like this week’s find, my darling sunshine-colored bag – then choose basic or classic pieces from your wardrobe that will easily complement it or sit happily in the background, allowing it to truly stand out and grab oodles of approving attention.

Lauren Haslett writes “Goodwill Gems,” our weekly column about everything accessories here in A Good Look. She is a lover of fabulous fashion, a trained chef and a writer.  Follow her on twitter.

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