Sparkle Like the Sun

The full summer sun calls for a bit of stylish sparkle to match. The rest of the year, it can seem like overkill to cover yourself in sequins and glitter, but whether you’re dressing up or down, during the summer months, a bit of bling is always appropriate.

This week, I happened to come across a coolly casual, but still slightly glamorous, pair of sandals that’s perfect for any lady’s summer wardrobe. They have just enough bling to really brighten up any warm weather look, no matter how laid-back, but look relaxed enough for summer’s chilled out, easygoing vibe. The simple, flat faux-leather bottom is comfortable and practical, and its soft tan color can be easily paired with any of summer’s go-to brilliant hues, like vibrant reds, corals, and oranges or cooler blues and greens. The pretty diamond-shaped top, in a stunning, shimmering metallic gold, also complements any color the fashion rainbow, and the less-than-standard shape adds some darling detail and visual interest to these otherwise basic sandals.

diamond shapped gold shimmering flat sandals

Simple can sometimes be totally fabulous. These pretty, delicate flats have just enough sparkle and shine to look really fun, feminine, and summery, but can still be worn with even everyday looks.

These sandals add flair to any and every fashion-forward combination. These summery shoes are the rare kind of accessory that can literally be worn with absolutely anything. In the summer, you could totally get away with wearing these with a cocktail dress to a fancier affair, and still look completely chic and pulled together. However, I think they’re particularly perfect for wearing with a less swanky – but still fun and flirty – ensemble, like the one pictured here. A short, brightly colored skirt is a great way to stay cool in the midst of the summer heat while still looking smart, and this skirt’s bubble hem adds a bit of movement and life to the outfit, as well. On top, a basic black fitted halter keeps this get-up sophisticated, and ensures it doesn’t take the turn from looking playful to looking entirely juvenile. This outfit is adorable and totally appropriate for hot, humid summer weather as it is, but the addition of this week’s gorgeous Goodwill find – my fabulous gold sandals – gives this ensemble the bit of extra oomph it so clearly needs to pull it all together.

black tanktop with purple skirt

Sometimes, all you need to bring a few basic wardrobe staples together – like this fun, flirty skirt and classic black top – is a little bit if summery, golden shimmer.

Lauren Haslett writes “Goodwill Gems,” our weekly column about everything accessories here in A Good Look. She is a lover of fabulous fashion, a trained chef and a writer.  Follow her on twitter.

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