PlanetBrandee LIVE! from the Jazz Age Lawn Party!

Dreamland Follies

Welcome back again my dedicated flapper fashion mavens and bow tied dandies! In this week’s “LIVE! from” edition, I’m swinging and dancing in sweet Gatsby style to one of my ALL time favorite summer destinations, the Jazz Age Lawn Party! This premiere event, attended by the likes of Bill Cunningham and Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrmann, is one of THE must-go-to parties of the summer! Hosted on the lush and vibrant Governor’s Island, bedazzled patrons are invited to drink the bubbly spirits of St Germaine, dance to the live music of the sweeping Michael Arranella Dreamland Orchestra and take part in the spectacular spectacle of fashion, feather and fringed showgirl follies!

Bill Cunningham and PlanetBrandee

Having worked behind the scenes with the creative powerhouses that fuel this festive frenzy, I’m taking a year off now to just attend as a reveler on the other side of the velvet curtain, and I am SO excited to share my fresh new take on Jazz Age fashion!

Complete outfit for thirty-one dollars

As my past can attest to, I’m usually a big fan of classy feminine for JALP. The pink ostrich feather fascinator pictured here was one of my favorite things to DIY, and that gem of a soft pink dress was found on the half off rack at the Chelsea Goodwill! But this year, I’m blending NEW and OLD in a fun way!

Silver New York City typography mirror

I’ve found a fabulous pair of vintage tweed shorts that I’m going to partner with a fresh, NYC inspired tee from Street People Atelier. Although I love the thrill of the thrift, it’s good to add current pops of designer or modern apparel too, and this unlikely duo of model off duty look + tomboy chic is perfect to mix for a vintage inspired day on the island! A pair of suspenders, my favorite fedora and my trusty copper oxfords from Cri De Couer, and I’m dancing into new world meets old school Jazz Age!

For men, the fallback of white shirt, straw boater hat and breezy linen suit never fails. Feel free to bring along that picnic basket you have had forever, but never use! Pack some delicious snacks, your cutest gingham blanket to sit on and ride the ferry across the scenic waters to this romantic hide away! Stroll the grounds and travel back in time with hundreds of dancers as we take in the showgirls, clap to the bathing suit fashion show and drink in the sights and sounds of this thrilling day!

Layered pearls and fringe drape

Be it boyish or burlesquer, Jazz Age Lawn Party has something for everyone. For this edition of “LIVE! from”, I hope to see you here. Join me next blog as my travel journeys from runway to highway continue in my search for the best food, fun and fashion the world can offer! Till then, see you on the streets! Follow the adventures on Twitter and Instagram! #planetbrandee #fashion #NYC

Brandee Sanders is a writer, creative lifestyle and thrift enthusiast. Brandee’s work has been featured in Bill Cunningham’s New York Times style column, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, AOL and Time Out NY. Follow her runway meets the highway adventures and travels @PlanetBrandee 

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