Seriously Ladylike Steppers

Professional summer footwear can be pose a bit of a dilemma. What you really want to be wearing is a simple pair of sandals that let your feet feel cool and free, but of course, many of us have jobs where such laid-back gear just isn’t allowed.

To solution to your summer shoe conundrums is a pretty pair of peep-toe heels like these, spotted recently at my local Goodwill thrift shop. The open toe and small slit details in the sides not only look lovely, but also allow your poor feet to breathe! The thicker stacked heel is far more comfortable than a pointy stiletto – and it’s also much more appropriate for impromptu sunset happy hours, or any of the other events that take place on those long, lingering summer evenings. And aside from being practical, these adorable heels look professional and pretty cute, thanks to the smooth tan leather upper and loosely crimped and folded suede bow, which adds a decidedly feminine air to these sensible, everyday steppers.

summer heelsThese super practical (and super stylish!) summer heels look sweet, but they’re both comfortable and polished enough to be fit for any office.

Use these pretty heels to instantly brighten up all-season ensembles. Of course, a cute pair of peep-toed heels like these can easily be worn with almost any item in your summer work wardrobe. Tailored Bermuda shorts and full, flowing blouse? Check. Full, pleated floral skirts and well-worn t-shirts? Check. Beloved sundresses a rainbow of hues? Check! Since they really complement any look you could come up with, I really shouldn’t have to convince you to go out and find a pair just like them for yourself! But what makes these lovely, ladylike shoes even more versatile is that you can also use them to make your favorite, year-round pieces – like classic cocktail dresses – feel totally appropriate for an office environment. Fitted or flowing, black or colorful (or even spangled with a little sparkle), cocktail dresses can sometimes feel a little too over-the-top and fancy for everyday wear. But if you have a couple of favorites you wish you could pull out of your closet a little more often, pair them with a shoe like this one instead of a sky-high stiletto heel, and they’ll instantly feel fun and flirty (but not too fancy) for an average day at work.

cocktail dressLook like a knockout, no matter where you’re headed, by pairing everything from sundresses to fancy, semi-formal cocktail dresses with a more relaxed (but still flirty and feminine) pair of peep-toed heels like these.

Lauren Haslett writes “Goodwill Gems,” our weekly column about everything accessories here in A Good Look. She is a lover of fabulous fashion, a trained chef and a writer.  Follow her on twitter.

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