Trend Alert: Rucksacks

I have to be completely honest. When I first heard the term rucksacks I was like “eh?” Then, when I saw a picture I thought “Oh, Bookbags!” However, this spring/summer 2014 trend is the more grown-up and sassy version of what you would have wore in high school.

I don’t know about you but I hate using purses. I always joke around that I have no shoulders because my purses without a doubt slip down to my arms. This is why I adore rucksacks. Now I can have both hands free to do whatever I need to do instead of having one hand basically unusable since it is constantly holding my purse up in place. Now I can hold my Venti iced café mocha and text until my hearts content!

Rucksacks are also beneficial to your health. If you are a person who needs to carry around an exponential amount of items everyday, it could potentially harm you. The constant weight on your arms and neck causes you to also shift your weight around. This can lead to not just pulling a muscle but to much more serious health issues such as nerve trauma and degenerative joint disease. Rucksacks distribute the weight of the bag evenly on both sides of your body.

Rucksacks are both practical and super duper stylish. Designers like Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and more are all releasing gorgeous modern designs. Whether it is leather, canvas, nylon or a sparkly rainbow bejeweled masterpiece, you can most likely find rucksacks at your local Goodwill store for a fraction of the price.

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