What’s Your Clothing Personality?

Have you ever been called a shopaholic?

Do you consider yourself a fashionista?

Do you refuse to get rid of a scarf because it happened to be in your purse that one time when you thought you saw someone who perhaps looked exactly like Aaron Paul?

Do you have such extreme team pride that you have a separate Jersey to rep them every day of the week?

If you are reading these questions and thinking: “Man, all of these sound like me!”

Well, if you answered yes, it sounds like it is time for you to take the “What’s Your Clothing Personality” quiz!

Each season, we fill our closets with new clothing rather than taking the time to really think about what we should keep and what we should donate. Take this quiz to assess your clothing personality and learn how best to declutter your closet this spring and make a difference in your community!

Your purchases support the mission of Goodwill.
To learn how we serve the community, please read our industry blog Where The Goodwill Goes

Latest Where The Goodwill Goes Post:
How Donating to Goodwill Benefits the Environment

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