A Crash Course in Always Looking Cool and Collected

A cool headpiece can easily make an outfit. Spring, summer, winter, or fall, there’s stylish hat for every season, and for every lady. This week’s fabulous Goodwill find is sweet burgundy felt fedora that will instantly add a bit of spice and sassiness to any look, whatever the time of year. The rich, oxblood color of this hat is a bit unexpected, but though it makes this something of a statement headpiece, the hue still works beautifully with almost any other color in a girl’s wardrobe – weather you’re a lady who always dresses in black and white, or one who favors more vibrant colors like blues, yellows, or greens, this head topper will be a delightful complement to all of your favorite pieces.

Burgundy fedora

A hat – when it comes in a deep, rich color like this one and features simple, classic details like a knotted leather tie – is easy to step out in, and will add a much-needed bit of character and spunkiness to just about any ensemble.

Punch up your outfits this spring. It seems that the weather is finally, truly, really cooperating, and it might now be time to swap out those seasonal clothes and start mixing in those long-neglected spring and summer pieces. But since things are still a bit up and down – we’ve really only just come out of a pretty nasty winter, after all – a hat like this one can be an excellent accessory to help you cozy, in the days when that early spring chill can still catch you surprise. Mix pieces like this in with lighter, breezier spring clothing choices to give your outfits this season an eclectic and truly original feel. Here, I’ve chosen a flowing, ankle-length skirt in a neutral (but not black!) navy, which will always look polished, professional, and ladylike, whatever you choose to pair with it. On top, I’ve layered a simple tank and lacey cropped top, both in a go-with-everything beige tone , that adds a slightly more sophisticated air to the whole outfit. With a pair of classic boots and my fantastic new hat, for a pop of color and serious flair, this truly distinctive and stylish ensemble comes together in not time flat.

feminine soft outfit

Mix unexpected accessories, like this soft, burgundy felt fedora, with daintier, more feminine wardrobe options to give your outfits this season a free-spirited – but somehow still pulled-together – feel.

Lauren Haslett writes “Goodwill Gems,” our weekly column about everything accessories here in A Good Look. She is a lover of fabulous fashion, a trained chef and a writer.  Follow her on twitter.

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2 thoughts on “A Crash Course in Always Looking Cool and Collected

    1. Maybe it is your grandmother’s! Fedora’s are great and go so well with many different outfit combo’s. Then on top of that you can play with different textures…so versatile!


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