Spring Is In The Air!

Spring Cleaning

So you woke up this morning to find spring had arrived, finally. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you can hear the buzzing of the insects. You look out the window to find the trees and flowers are attempting to make their first showing of the season.

You jump out of bed and throw open the windows: Its time to air out the house and begin the ritual of spring cleaning. So you go through your closet and weed through those clothes and shoes from last year. You find there are things that no longer fit but look fabulous.

Now its time for the kids rooms and every thing they out grew over the winter. All the toys they are no longer interested in. Books they have read.

Christmas has come and gone. You now have all that new stuff to replace your old stuff. These things are all in very good condition, so why put them out to the curb when someone else can use them? They will love them the way your family did. What do you do with them? Box them up and donate them. Yes that is the answer.

Are you a senior citizen who needs help with chores? If you can’t reach those windows or need help with interior house cleaning or yard work, Binghamton University students volunteer to help in the Owego / Appalachian area. For more information contact Sister Mary at Tioga County Rural Ministry at 607-687-3021.

Claudia Miller works as the Assistant Manager of the Binghamton Goodwill store in New York’s Broome County since September 2013. She has written for financial blogs and loves helping customers choose the clothing that will look best on them.

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