New Month, New Style Inspiration

April is upon us! Though it might seem like Mother Nature is playing an April fool’s joke on us pretty much constantly so far this “Spring,” we’re already done with March and starting a new month – a new month where sunshine and warmer weather are sure to finally make an appearance.

Because I just can’t wait any longer to pull out truly spring-worthy looks, even if it is still a bit nippy outside, this week I’ve snagged a pair of snazzy, brightly colored flats from my local Goodwill shop. The soft, textured cotton fabric is stretchy and comfortable – a perfect shoe to start off the season with, as they will mold to the wearer’s feet pretty easily without too much pain and suffering (unfortunately, all flats are not created equal in that regard). The rainbow of hues and funky pattern that decorates these darling shoes also couldn’t be more right for spring, and will easily complement almost any other items in your wardrobe – whether black, white, or anywhere in between.

colorful fabric flats

A sweet and bold pair of brilliantly colored flats like these is just what every stylish gal needs in her wardrobe come springtime.

A trip to fantasy land. Though it may not really be warm enough out yet for sundresses and shorts, I can’t help but dream this week – this winter has just been way too terrible and long, and there’s no harm in letting your mind wander off and fantasize about the near future, just a little bit. Fun, funky flats and a pretty, flirty little dress are a natural pairing, and here, I’ve put together that classic combo in a way that you can be sure will never, ever go out of style. Since the shoes are a bit bolder, with their quirky, geometrically inspired print, I’ve chosen a dress in a solid hue that will look stunning next to the bright colors in my chosen footwear. A simple (and importantly, neutral) cardigan tops off this look and keeps all the vibrant colors from looking too loud, while also keeping me warm during those still very real bouts of windy, chilly spring weather.

bright sundress with cardigan

These simply stunning little flats are easy to wear with everything from jeans and a white t-shirt to much more feminine styles – but here, I think they look just right with a classically cut and brightly colored sundress, creating a posh and put together ensemble that’s ideal for spring’s warmer days.

Lauren Haslett writes “Goodwill Gems,” our weekly column about everything accessories here in A Good Look. She is a lover of fabulous fashion, a trained chef and a writer.  Follow her on twitter.

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