Goodwill Hunting Scavenger Hunt – The Results

Goodwill Hunting Scavenger HuntWhen we ended our Scavenger Hunt last month we were overwhelmed with so many great entries. We received nearly 800 photo entries from Goodwill stores in the New York City metropolitan area, Northern New Jersey, Hudson Valley and Capital Region of NY.

We gave out prizes in the following five categories:

1. Speedster
The winner of this prize was the first person to find at least 20 items. Sarah, our winner, actually finished the hunt the same day the contest started! Talk about being on a mission.

 2. Over-achiever
The winner of this prize visited a total of 7 New York City Goodwill Stores. Meira hunted at the Fulton and Livingston stores in Brooklyn, Manhattan’s Upper West Side (72nd St.), Greenwich Village and Chelsea (25th St.) boutiques, 23rd Street and 79th Street stores.

3. Partier
The winner of the Partier category made a fun day out of the Scavenger Hunt and brought her daughters along for the ride! Every picture had Freddie and at least 2 of her daughters making a total of 107 faces appearing in her 40 Scavenger Hunt pictures.

4. and 5. Most Creative & Funniest
These two categories were by far the hardest to judge. Faith, Daniel, Eva, Lisa and Susanna outdid themselves so we decided to name all of them winners!

Congratulations to everyone who won and we hope you are getting great buys with your $100 Goodwill gift cards! Check out our album of the winning photos.

We plan on having many more fun contests in the future and would like your input.

 If you have any cool ideas for future contests or if you think we should run a scavenger hunt again, please let us know in the comments below.

 Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter – you never know when we might have a pop up contest!

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