Let the Sunshine In

Spring has to be on its way, right? The temperatures have dropped back down below freezing again, but though it doesn’t feel how we’d like or expect to at the beginning of March, that doesn’t mean that Spring really isn’t coming eventually. And while the new season takes her sweet time getting here, I’m going to try to look on the bright side, and think about how much more time this gives me to get my wardrobe fully refreshed and ready for warmer weather.

And your local Goodwill shop is the perfect place to go for bright, bold, trendy new wardrobe pieces for next to nothing. This week’s gem is a darling hobo-style bag in a lovely soft gray fabric, covered in a bold blue-and-yellow floral embroidery. While the subtle, taupe-gray color is lovely – it does go with absolutely any other color you could think of – the vividly colored embroidery really takes this bag from basic to beautiful. The blue – reminiscent of the bright summer sky – and the lively yellow – the color of sunshine – are just the thing to get a girl in a more relaxed, beachy state of mind.

blue, yellow and taupe hobo bag

Embroidered accessories, like this pretty and practical purse, are an easy way to step up the look of an entire outfit and make any of your go-to pieces look ready for the spring season.

A summer state of mind. Because if you can’t really enjoy warmer weather just yet, it makes this seemingly unending winter more bearable to at least pretend like it’s coming soon. Get in the right mindset and start pulling out your spring pieces, even if you have to layer them under and over lots of other items to make them work for these still-frigid temps. Here, I’ve decided to pair this playful bag with an incredibly classic spring look that will never go out of style. A simple, gray-and-white striped tee-shirt looks light enough to wear in even the warmest weather, but layered underneath a chic beige blazer, it suddenly looks much more polished and is able to work during these last few weeks of chilly March weather. On top of a foolproof pair of fitted black pants, it easily becomes the centerpiece of refined yet casual ensemble, perfect for sporting any day of the week. Though it is an incredibly classic pairing of wardrobe staples, this outfit could come off as a bit blah without the right accessories to punch it up, which is where this week’s fabulous Goodwill find comes in – the brilliant pop of color it provides wakes up the entire outfit instantly, and the big, bold floral motif adds a bit of charm and bohemian-inspired whimsy to an otherwise straight-laced look.

spring casual attire

This pretty handbag is just right for Summer’s laidback, easygoing style. Get ready early, and start working fun and fabulous warm-weather pieces into your wardrobe now to give new life to much-worn winter wardrobe.

Lauren Haslett writes “Goodwill Gems,” our weekly column about everything accessories here in A Good Look. She is a lover of fabulous fashion, a trained chef and a writer.  Follow her on twitter.

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