Special Edition: LIVE from New York Fashion Week Part 2!

nyfw part 2

I’m back again readers, and this is the closing issue of my LIVE from New York Fashion Week series! Let me take you back to that day as I stepped out of my Yellow cab in front of Lincoln Center. It was virtually a wintery wonderland here in the shaken-up, snow-globe Manhattan. I’m trekking to bring you the inspired, fresh and funky fashion trends straight from the streets of New York City. Although hundreds of other true mavens and I were under nearly a foot of fluffy snow, we set ourselves on the runway’s front lines and in it to win it! And speaking from my hands on experience here at Fashion Week this year, it was worth every curbside grand jeté over slushy puddles we make.

So let’s get started with the roll call!

Rodarte Runway

Let the fashion flow through you, good, good young Jedi! The force is strong with this one. Rodarte created yet another incredible runway show ending with exquisite silk gowns for the nerd in all of us. Incorporating classic artwork from the Star Wars films franchise, George Lucas lends us the well known characters of this beloved and sweeping sci-fi story: Luke Skywalker, Yoda, C-3PO and R2-D2. The gowns are more beautiful than a two mooned view from Tatooine, so worth imagining owning, but alas, they’re special edition for NYFW. We all can dream on!

Artists and Revolutionaries

Artists and Revolutionaries
Having worked side by side with this eco-focused designer at his Brooklyn studio while prepping for New York Fashion Week’s Greenshows, I can vouch personally for the fierce creator that is John-Michael. From dip dyed cottons, hand washed silk crepe, and back to delicate unisex pieces, he creates wonders that work well everyday. His hand-crafted clothes are now part of my own closet, and the closet of many fashion mavens who favor recycled well structured pieces that translate from runway to street wear.

Cri de Coeur

Cri de Coeur
Meaning “a cry from the heart” – a call to action, I stumbled upon this company while acting in a commercial for them last year. Gina Ferraraccio and Julie Dicterow established this glorious luxury accessories brand in 2008. It features a pair of incredibly well constructed gold oxfords that I now religiously wear with vintage dresses. This line exemplifies independence and reveals what happens when eco intersects sustainability and raw fashion.

Backstage Victoria Beckham

Wrapping up the list is of course some NYFW name dropping! Backstage pictures ranging from ING model snaps from Victoria Beckham, a photo op starring Jason Wu and Karlie Kloss, and a collage of fantastic pictures sending us back to Goodwill amped up to search for our own found gem of Chanel or Clover Canyon hidden on the racks of the Upper West Side!

Jason Wu and Karlie Kloss

Toss on another scarf or a blazer over Skinny jeans? STOP the blah madness! Get over that boring fallback and grab some inspiration from this year’s runway: intense prints, layered tartans and rich textiles curated with gilded edges that personalize your look and take it from easily forgettable blahs to “did you SEE what she was wearing and where can I GET it?” Make this the YEAR to be BOLD!

Don’t settle for safe, be brave fellow fashion runway watchers! Chuck the boring blazer! Grab the neon palazzo pant jumpsuit, haul home that sexy silk pajama pants into your daywear! Take those sweet dollops of creamy trends and top them off your juiciest throwbacks and make it new again! OWN your style and make it work!

Brandee goes Vogue

All week was an amazing whirlwind of colors, accessories and clothing that could make a girls head spin. But on that, the final day, the snow settled in on my wide brim hat, I slipped my aviators on and walked through what appeared to be a mile-high snow bank surrounded by a gaggle of paparazzi snapping adolescents looking for their next celebrity sighting. When you exit Lincoln Center’s Fashion Week you feel like a celebrity yourself, and when it’s invite only, even more so! Little do these hyped up kids know I’m already plotting next week’s blog and ways to take what I’ve seen on the runway to the walkway by hand picking real pieces from my Upper West Side boutique.

Until next time, pop your collar against the winter winds, tilt your hat and walk the runway in your minds! Live from New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center, this is Brandee signing off!

Join me next time as I carefully curate some fresh ideas for home and getting ready transition out of the deep winter freeze into a crocus lined spring!

Brandee, the manager of Goodwill’s 72nd Street boutique, is also a writer, performance artist, thrift fashion and DIY enthusiast. Brandee’s projects have been featured in  Bill Cunningham’s New York Times style column, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and INC. Magazine. She loves French-press coffee and lives the designer thrift lifestyle bursting onto the fashion forward streets of the New York City she calls home.

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