Melt Your Valentine’s Heart Tonight

Have you lost count of how many inches of snow we’ve had here in Binghamton this winter? So have I! But I’m not going to let the frigid weather dampen my very special day. You shouldn’t either. Here are a few suggestions:

Cyber Cafe

Where can you find a warm and inviting place to hangout in the cold and snowy Binghamton, NY area? Well, the Cyber Café West, a live music joint, has one of the finest beer selections available. This is just the beginning … there is also bottled beer, wine, coffee and tea. On top of that, the food here is on par with the taste of Binghamton residents, and that is to say, it’s awesome! My mouth waters just thinking of the hot & cold wraps, grilled sandwiches, quesadillas, burgers, salads, snacks and sides. Don’t fret if you follow a vegan diet though. The café serves hummus wraps, veggie wraps, Greek salad wraps, gourmet Portobello wraps and more. Especially tonight, Valentine’s Day, let’s not forget dessert!

Cyber Cafe Exterior

The live music here is off the hook. Groups like Milkweed, Monkeys Typing and others will keep you moving all night. Check out their karaoke, team trivia and open mic nights. On Valentines Day, The Jeff Love Band, an 11-piece funk/soul band, will play 60s, 70s and 80s music.

So spend an awesome night out with that special someone who has stolen your heart. Dress the part and remember stay bundled up and warm. Look the part but be frugal. Remember that you may find your favorite brand names at Goodwill without breaking the bank. And don’t forget that box of chocolates either.

Cyber Café West: 176 Main Street, Binghamton, NY

Claudia Miller works as the Assistant Manager of the Binghamton Goodwill store in New York’s Broome County since September 2013. She has written for financial blogs and loves helping customers choose the clothing that will look best on them.

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