3 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Date Ideas You Can Do At Home

Valentine Date Night

Celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be stressful and it doesn’t have to cost a lot either. Here are three romantic and affordable date night ideas that you can create in the privacy of your own home.

1. Indoor Picnic

indoor picnicBring an outdoor activity inside by putting together a romantic dinner and serve it up picnic style! Make sure the meal is something that can be enjoyed while sitting on the floor and holding the plate in your hand. Don’t forget to have candles and some nice music playing in the background to set the mood.

2. Enjoy A Comedy Show

comedy show

Netflix has a great selection of stand up comedy shows from a wide variety of comedians available that you can stream right on your laptop or TV. If you don’t have a Netflix account you can sign up for their Free 7 Day Trial. You and your date can enjoy all the laughs without the hefty price tag and mandatory drink minimums.

3. Painting And Wine Date

painting date

This is a great way to spark some creativity and have a lot of fun too! Your local arts and crafts store should offer affordable paints and brushes so you can stock up on supplies without breaking the bank. Get snacks like pretzels, crackers, cheese or fruit to enjoy with your wine and have newspaper to lay out and cover your table in case of paint spills. At the end of the night you could both gift each other your finished paintings!

How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day?


Nicole Colon is a lifestyle blogger and designer from Long Island, NY, who is reinventing what it means to be “bad” by empowering women to discover their inner B.A.D. Girl and be Beautiful, Authentic and Determined. She provides her readers with tips, advice and fashion that aim to inspire them to get what they want out of life. Check out Nicole’s blog at www.stylemebad.com

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