Dreams of Spring

Ok, so we all know we’re not there yet. After a total tease of a day in the Tri-State area for Superbowl Sunday, we’re back to cold, wind, snow, sleet, and just about every possible kind of grossness you can think of, weather-wise. But that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream! Even if the groundhog has officially told us there’s six more weeks of winter (not that we’re surprised), we can start getting ready for the impending warmer weather a little in advance, and nothing can get you more excited for a new season than few well-chosen accessories. This week’s darling Goodwill find – a light, airy scarf that looks like a surprising shock of life and light next to a rows of heavy black sweaters and huge winter coats. It’s an infinity scarf – a totally trendy style this year – so it easily loops around the neck and fits snugly, without leaving any room for chilly spring breezes to get in. The two different sides – one a black-and-white knit, the other, a big, bright floral print – look stunning next to one another, and the combination of two different and contrasting fabrics is entirely modern.

bold floral summer colors scarf

This pretty little scarf is covered in bright, summery colors and a bold floral print – it absolutely screams spring.

It’s still too early to go into all-out spring mode. As the heinous winter weather we started the week with proves, we’ve still got quite a bit of time to go before we can truly frolic around outdoors in nothing by jeans, a blazer, and this fun and yet ladylike new scarf. But to get through the next six weeks (or even longer, if things continue as they have been), there’s no harm in adding a little spot of warmth to your outfits with your accessories. Here, I’ve paired this pretty floral piece with an otherwise typical casual winter ensemble – comfy black leggings and a chunky knit black sweater dress. The all-black looks is timeless, of course, but could also use some serious jazzing up to give it a little life, and the pops of vibrant color and lovely pattern that this scarf adds are just the thing to make the whole look really come together.

all black outfit

This darling scarf is light enough to wear into spring’s warmer months, but is also perfect for wearing at the end of the winter, when the cold is starting to drive you up the wall. Pairing this piece with a look that’s black from head to toe really lets it stand out.

Lauren Haslett writes “Goodwill Gems,” our weekly column about everything accessories here in A Good Look. She is a lover of fabulous fashion, a trained chef and a writer.  Follow her on twitter.

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