New Year, New Style Resolutions

Every January 1, most of us resolve to do a bit better than the year before. We resolve to treat ourselves better, take care of ourselves better. We resolve to get in shape and finally find our signature look. This year, don’t let yourself fall right off the resolution wagon.

This week’s gem is a darling little handbag that’s perfect for toting absolutely anywhere, and which is sure to brighten any bitingly cold winter days with its sunny yellow pattern. The distinctive gray-and-yellow color scheme and leather strap that loops over the top of the bag from back to front makes this accessory one that’s sure to stand out. The simple silver button closure and damask-style pattern is highly sophisticated and will easily elevate any look, from the super casual to a fancier ensemble.

gray purse with yellow details and leather strapThis too-cute bag is just the right size for holding your daily essentials, and still small enough to be a comfortable choice for a night out.

A new year calls for new style goals. Aim high in 2014, and focus on pulling together a fun but polished look that will impress anyone, inside or outside of the office. This chic bag is the perfect starting point for a year full of fashionable and effortlessly sophisticated outfits. Use it to add a pop of pattern and color to a bold office look like the one pictured here – the bright skirt is an equally vivid and flattering hue on almost any woman, no matter her skin tone, eye color, or hair color. The black and white top balances out the bright bottoms, so the overall look doesn’t become too garish or loud, but as the neutrally colored cardigan has a lovely floral pattern to it, the ensemble still looks modern, fun, and fresh. A sweet and lovely bag like this one is all a lady would need to immediately and perfectly accent this vibrant, colorful look and bring the entire outfit together. It’s just as easy to wear, however, with a classic, casual look. For a more relaxed, weekend-appropriate get-up, toss on a pair slouchy, cuffed, boyfriend jeans, a loose, comfy white tee, and tailored blazer for a cool but still polished everyday outfit.

bright purple skirt black tank and print cardiganA colorful, patterned bag might seem like difficult accessory to pair with many items in your wardrobe, but when it comes in a classic, simple shape with chic, modern styling, you’ll find it seems to add a bit of sophistication and subtle glamour to almost any outfit you can think to put together.

Lauren Haslett writes “Goodwill Gems,” our weekly column about everything accessories here in A Good Look. She is a lover of fabulous fashion, a trained chef and a writer.  Follow her on twitter.

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