The Goodwill Insider: What’s Binghamton’s First Fridays?

First Fridays in Binghamton, NY is a once a month celebration of the local businesses, hot-spots and hang outs. College students and Binghamton residents alike gather to have a fun evening out.

Today, we find Alma and Josh, associates of the Binghamton Goodwill store, checking out their store for outfits to ware. They plan to go to Dillingers on 77 State Street in downtown Binghamton. This awesome dance club is a favorite hangout of students attending SUNY and other surrounding schools.

Josh and Alma are looking for outfits that are fun yet sophisticated. I choose several dresses for Alma to try on, but she settles for a Kirna Zabete dress in shades and tones of gray. To complete the look, I picked a pair of darling black flats with a buckle across the top. Josh prefers a more grown-up look, suit with no tie, to the look of jeans and shirt to go out on the town. While going through the jeans and dress pants section, he finds a two-piece suit from the Executive Collection. He matches it with a blue striped Merona shirt and a pair of black shoes.

With the style of these outfits Alma and Josh can go from work to night club with no problem. The outfits are sophisticated, yet fun and relaxed. They both tell me how much fun their first unofficial modeling experience was. They love their look and can’t wait the effect on their friends – and perhaps new friends! We’ll ask them Monday how it all went. Alma and Josh look forward to their next modeling experience for sure!

Claudia Miller works as the Assistant Manager of the Binghamton Goodwill store in New York’s Broome County since September 2013. She has written for financial blogs and loves helping customers choose the clothing that will look best on them.

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