The Goodwill Insider: Black Friday Survival Guide

Black Friday Survival Guide Black Fri·day
1. (in the US) the day after Thanksgiving, noted as the first day of traditional holiday shopping, during which crowds of consumers are drawn to special offers by retailers.

1. the state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an ordeal, or difficult circumstances, like long lines, crowded malls etc

Mayhem! Noise! Long lines! Slow walkers! Is this the zombie apocalypse? Nope, it’s just Black Friday!

We’ve all been there, and most swear to never do it again! But wait! Don’t head for the hills! Because it’s my duty as the sworn Goodwill Insider to school you on my “Black Friday Survival Guide!”. Let me show you how getting up and coming into Goodwill may just be a little better for you, the environment and your wallet, not to mention your sanity! Come with me, and avoid the madness of generic strip malls and overcrowded outlets. Let’s break the usual procrastinator’s move: waiting until the chaos of Christmas Eve and rushing out at the last minute! It’s going to be easier this year, because we’re going to get through this! Goodwill is bringing a breath of fresh air with some fantastic deals, and you can plan on avoiding the mall zombies by getting in on this survival packed action! Let’s get started on the simple steps to Black Friday Survival:

coffee with whip cream

1. Get coffee.

2. Drink said coffee.

3. Put on your most comfortable shopping shoes.

4. Shop Goodwill!

window sale sidewalk chalk art

Because starting at 2pm on Friday, they’ll be having a BIG 50% on apparel sale! I know, I said the same thing: “Have you lost your minds? 50% off?” But fear not, this is the REAL deal! And instead of the 3am wake-up calls that leave you drained by noon, and wishing Sheriff Rick could save you, opt to instead roll in at 2pm, relaxed and ready to rock the thrift shop! So let’s have visions of budgeted sugarplums dancing through our heads as we work our way down that checklist you’ve had crammed in the back of your bag for the last few weeks:

Fun vintage hat for your thrifting friend? Usually $16.99 now 50% off? Check!

100% silk tie for your co-worker who loves the dapper look? $9.99 now 50% off? Check!

Unique destash and knick-knacks for the hard-to-shop-for relative starting at $.99 now 50% off? Check!

Cashmere sweaters? 7 Jeans? All 50% off? Checkdoublecheck!

And if all that doesn’t sound like enough to get you ready to survive Black Friday, let’s remember that every year Goodwill also keeps 62 million pounds of unwanted goods out of landfills. So instead of giving Auntie Mame a generic made in China plastic trinket that will end up buried in the back of her broom closet, or worse, just thrown out, come into Goodwill and find her some cherised secondhand items, and better yet, present it all in a beautiful DIY wrapping paper with a handwritten note of thanks she’ll always remember!

Shop local and don’t fall for the zombied mall madness, keep your shopping unique, one of a kind and personal, just like yourself!

Join me next week as I show you some great post thrifting places to grab a free, festive holiday photo op AND take in some delicious foodie zen! Peppermint hot chocolate? Handmade spiced apple donuts? Christmas lights at every turn? Get ready for the photo op foodie tour of the holiday season!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a delicious cup of coffee and my anti-holiday zombie gear on hand as we get ready to help you all find THE best gifts for your loved ones this season!

See you at the counter!


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