Goodwill Gems: Beat the Cold-Weather Blues

It’s time to get cozy. The frigid temps we’ve started experiencing this week aren’t going away anytime soon, so it’s time to bring out the thickest, warmest, and woolliest sweaters and accessories you’ve got.

This week’s fine – a darling knit scarf in a colorful stripe – is sure to bring a note of cheer to any winter day, no matter how drab. When looped over and in on itself, the stripes intersect in a way that makes this look almost like a plaid, but the subtler stripe is just as classic, and a bit easier to combine with other colors and patterns in your wardrobe. The warm knit fabric and long length of this scarf will ensure you stay toasty and warm, no matter how chilly the wind outside, and the lovely jade green color of the background, as well as the rich navy blue, golden brown, and coral colors of the stripes, are sure to flatter any complexion.

tan knit turtleneck sweater with green plaid scarfWarm up this week with a pretty and seriously practical find, like this week’s gem, pictured here.

Have fun. It’s one of the most important – yet often forgot – rules of fashion. Though it can be easy to get caught up in trends and wondering if we look as stylish and up-to-date as our peers, fashion is at its best when we don’t let ourselves get caught up in the nonsense, and just relax and enjoy it.

Case in point – this cute and cozy scarf. It’s obviously a casual piece, and especially with more relaxed, everyday items like it, there’s really no reason to stress about matching it perfectly with your outerwear or the outfit underneath, and sometimes it can even be more fun when you don’t. Above, it’s shown with a neutral, toffee-colored sweater, the two pieces look lovely together. But this piece really wakes up and looks even more fun when set alongside another print! It might seem a bit bold, but it’s certainly not boring, and mixing and matching different prints can be a fun and creative way to liven up an otherwise ho-hum winter wardrobe. Here, I’ve decided to pair it with an ensemble that’s still mostly neutral in color – the white tee underneath the dress clearly could be a suitable backdrop for absolutely anything, and the jumper itself (made of a warm wool fabric, of course) has a subtle plaid pattern in colors that are echoed in the scarf – a lovely blue and a pinky color very close to the scarf’s coral. If you’re feeling brave and want to try mixing patterns yourself this winter, go for it! Just stick to one rule – when combining prints, make sure you pair those that use similar color families, so that something similar repeats throughout the outfit and pulls the whole thing together.

plaid pattern dress with white long sleeve shirt underneathHave fun with your cold-weather wear and throw together a few different patterns for a bold, but not-too-eccentric ensemble.

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