Goodwill Gems: Seasonal Sparkle

A winter chill is in the air. Though it’s technically still autumn, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are only a few weeks away, and that means that soon to come is the start of the festive holiday season, packed full of parties, family gatherings and celebrations of all sorts.

Get ready for it all, by stocking up on affordable, adorable gems from your favorite local thrift shop to finish off every beautiful outfit you plan to wear out during this joyful season. This week’s find is a sparkling beaded ring in a stunning combination of black, white, gold and glamorous rhinestones. The delicately carved and curving pattern of the cutout detail is distinctly feminine, and makes this accessory the perfect piece for pairing with just about any fancy, festive ensemble.

black detailed ringThis darling black ring is carved into a lovely, twisting motif and dotted with dark gold details and rhinestones and surrounded by snowy white beads – it’s the perfect ring to deck out any holiday outfit.

Go glam in an instant. This enchanting accessory will immediately dress up any outfit. It would no doubt stand out perfectly against a backdrop like a satiny, richly colored dress or blouse – any deep jewel tone like royal blue, emerald green, or ruby red would allow the neutral, classic colors of this ring to really pop. However, if you’re looking to wear it more often than just out to the occasional fancy dinner or holiday party (and who wouldn’t?), then you can easily get away with sporting it with more everyday attire by doing just the opposite – put it on with a more casual outfit, in bright colors or in the more ubiquitous city black, as is shown here, and let it add a more subdued hint of glamour to an otherwise understated (but still polished) look. This ring won’t stand out quite as strongly against a more neutral outfit, of course, but even if it’s less obvious, it still adds a much-needed hint of subtle, classy sparkle to a more run of the mill outfit like this one, consisting of a fitted black sweater, opaque black tights, and colorful, warm wool mini skirt.

winter wardrobeEasily dressed up or down, this ring is just the right amount of bling to finish off a fancy look or to add a bit of fun and sparkle to more everyday pieces from your winter wardrobe.

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