Goodwill Gems: Banish Gray Days for Good

Sweater weather is officially here, and many more overcast gray days are ahead. But that doesn’t mean that the outfits you wear to insulate yourself against the sunless days, snow, and drizzle need to be as blah as the weather.

To keep your spirits up and your outfits looking vibrant, even in the midst of the autumn chill, turn to bright accessories like this week’s gem. Found recently on an especially successful trip to my local Goodwill shop, this week’s find is a fiery red fabric and metal chain necklace that’s sure to boost your mood, no matter how gross the day. The style – soft, colorful fabric woven around simple metal links – is super chic and so on-trend right now. It’s also an amazingly simple kind of piece that still somehow manages to make a big style statement.

fabric metallic necklace
This week’s fab find – a stunning fabric and metallic necklace – is a style that’s all the rage right now. Though it’s a trendy item, it’s not too gaudy, gimmicky, or bizarre, and could easily work with a multitude of outfits for years to come.

Add a graceful twist to everyday wear. This simply elegant piece will instantly add a bit of vivacity to your favorite comfy but not quite so bright looks. A relaxed but put together ensemble like this one – consisting of a pair of soft, skinny, black velvet pants (for a little texture), a classic chambray collared shirt, and a cozy gray knit sweater on top for some extra warmth – is lovely and totally seasonally appropriate on its own. It’s completely classic, and the muted color palette would look good on just about anyone, but that little pop of brilliant red and gold this necklace could add would take it to another (much happier) level entirely. Though this outfit it effortlessly polished, you could also easily pair a woven fabric and metallic chain necklace like this one with a neutral sweater dress, boots, and tights, or any of your other go-to fall and winter looks.


This week’s fantastic gem adds a bit of freshness, liveliness and posh charm to any classic fall ensemble that needs a new breath of life, like the one pictured here.

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