Fashion Show Brings New Friendships and Projects

Happy Monday to all!

As we approach the end of October, National Disability Employment Awareness month, we want to follow-up on several connections and friendships, as well as upcoming projects that resulted from our October 1 Goodwill Suits You Fashion Show.

Camera 360

When model Aileen was getting ready for the show, fashion stylist Luz Barbosa, who selected Aileen’s clothes for the show, gave her a cuff to wear.


Luz strives to be environmentally conscious by repurposing jewelry and clothes, and believes that new styles can be recreated from old ones. She documents her handmade jewelry creations which she labels Luchie’s Creations. Luz aims to “give life to something forgotten” by taking old, unused, broken jewelry and re-using, re-purposing, re-fashioning and re-imagining it into existence. “Refashioning is lots of fun, sustainable and challenges your creativity,” Luz notes.

KINDLE_CAMERA_1380740850000 (2)

Get ready! Luz has agreed to host the upcoming “Ready, Set, Thrift!” fashion challenge on Thursday, December 5, from 6 to 8 p.m. at our East Harlem store. Winners will get fabulous prizes, including Goodwill gift cards and outfits perfect to celebrate the Holidays!

Stay tuned! More details will be forthcoming.


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