Goodwill Gems: Easy, Artsy Chic


Looking cool doesn’t have to be hard.

With a stylish scarf like this one, found this week at my local Goodwill store, you can easily add a bit of pizzazz to any look, dressy or casual. It’s covered in a variety of pretty patterns, all in cool blues, greens, purples, grays and blacks that are absolutely the ideal color palate for the cooler months. A mix of geometric, more modern prints and larger, floral designs, this scarf’s patterns could look jumbled, but instead flow together in a way that gives this piece an almost quirky, but still cool, look. Aside from warming you up and keeping out the freezing cold winter air, an effortlessly beautiful and artistically inspired accessory like this scarf can easily be thrown on in an instant to change the entire feel of an outfit.

This picture-perfect scarf printed in an array of artistic motifs, all done in cool, soothing colors that are just right for pairing with all your fall and winter attire.


weekend chic

Weekend chic is actually unbelievably easy to pull together.

An easy way to amp up a casual look or to add a bit of funky flair to a more tailored, work-friendly look, a scarf like this is a beautiful accessory you can use with nearly everything in your wardrobe. It’d be a lovely spark of color and vibrancy on top of a dressier, all-black look. But here, I’ve decided to layer it on top of a more relaxed look that’s perfect for a quiet Friday at the office or a weekend of wandering around the city and enjoying favorite fall tasks, like visiting the farmers’ market or eating the last outdoor brunches of season. The basic pieces anchoring this ensemble – a simple cotton tee and soft, straight-cut slacks – are in a pretty charcoal gray and navy blue, which perfectly complement all the cool hues in this week’s gem. And a simple, tailored tan blazer is the perfect final touch to pull this whole effortlessly fresh weekend look together.

No chic weekend look could be easier than a favorite pair of polished but comfortable pants, a go-with-everything jacket, and a classic fitted cotton tee, all topped off with a soft and vividly patterned scarf.


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