Goodwill Gems: CRAZY for the Classics

Experimentation is fun, there’s no question. But sometimes, you just want to be able to quickly throw on an outfit that you know you’ll look and feel great in, without having to invest a lot of time and effort into putting it together.

That’s where timeless pieces like this gorgeous watch come in. Made in a mix of metals and covered with classic details, a watch like this is an elegant accessory you can use to instantly upgrade any outfit. The compass-like look of the face adds a subtle but chic bit of character to this traditional but oh-so-classy timepiece, and the stripes of gold metal throughout the mostly silver band – which look deceptively like a lovely set of ribbons – give this enduring accessory a slightly more modern and feminine feel than would a similar piece in a single color.

Though simple, this classically constructed, mixed-metal watch is a beautiful piece that will instantly add a bit of sophistication to your ensembles for years to come.

An easy but elegant backdrop. To show off this truly stunning find, I’ve chosen equally classic pieces when picking out a complementary ensemble. A fitted black sweater with a scoop neck is a winter wardrobe must-have that will never go out of style. And I’ve anchored the outfit in black-and-white skirt that’s equally flattering and timeless, in a large herringbone print. The size of the print makes the skirt feel a bit more modern, but like this week’s gem, it’s a chic staple that’s been around for decades, and which will, I’m sure, continue to be a go-to in the closets of fashionable ladies for many future seasons.

If you’re not into the Coco-inspired black-and-white look, you can always go with another pairing that’s just as perfect for the fall and winter months and always in style, like straight- or slim-cut black trousers and a loose, flowing blouse in a rich jewel tone. Or, for a more casual option, put it on with your favorite pair of jeans, a fabulous bootie, and forever-classic white tee.

The options are endless when you’re looking for outfits to pair with timeless, chic, and effortlessly elegant accessory, like the watch spotted this week at my local Goodwill shop.


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