Professional Style for a Steal

A polished work wardrobe is a sure way to boost your image in the office. A fabulous collection of professional clothes can’t improve your skills on the job or your work ethic. But  if you’ve already got the crucial assets needed to succeed, creating and maintaining a sophisticated look certainly isn’t going to hurt your prospects. And whether you’re looking to land that first full-time gig or move yourself further up the corporate ladder, having a look that says “I’ve got this” —  as well as the skills to handle all a career can throw at you — will ensure you present yourself as the complete professional package.

A versatile wardrobe of classic pieces might be crucial to fitting in, especially in a corporate environment, but it’s the accessories you choose that really finish your workplace ensembles. To make sure you appear totally put together every day, it’s vital to have that one fantastic pair of shoes that go well with all your favorite pieces, but that are also comfortable enough to walk around in all day.

And that’s where this week’s fabulous find comes in! These lovely black wedges, made in a soft suede fabric, are totally classic, so they’re easy to pair with a wide variety of items and outfits. The rounded toe is dainty and demure, while the wedge gives a little lift, but still has enough support to make these beauties the kind of shoe you can wear long after the clock strikes five, without feeling absolutely miserable.

ImageNo ambitious, professional woman can do without a pair of comfy, classy and timeless black wedge heels, like this pair that I was lucky enough to find at my local Goodwill shop this week.

A versatile style. Black wedges are the kind of shoe you can wear absolutely anywhere, with just about anything, which means that you really can’t go wrong when deciding how to wear them. Pop them on with jeans, a basic white tee, and a statement necklace on casual Friday, or with a super chic cocktail dress for a Saturday night out. Dressed up or down, shoes like these are always a perfect fit, and they’re the kind of accessory you’ll hope will never, ever wear out. But if you’re looking for a simple, but still stylish, look to get you through until Thursday, you can never go wrong with an elegant pair of slim-cut black trousers and your favorite flowing, colorful blouse. Those two go-to items will get you through any workday, and you can easily mix up the formula by swapping your top – try a blouse with a bold new pattern, or a solid shirt in a bright neon or a luscious jewel tone. No matter which direction you choose, you’re sure to throw together an outfit that looks effortlessly elegant and graceful in no time flat.

With a classic shoe like a black suede wedge as your foundation, you really can’t go wrong. Pair these pretty heels with everything from your most casual clothes to your standard workday separates.


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