Goodwill Generates $223 Million in ROI

Want to know where your donations and tax dollars go? Last year, 2012, here’s how we did: 

  • 81,672 people served with Goodwill services.
  • 8,160 placed in competitive employment.
  • 8,730 youth in Goodwill education and recreation programs.
  • 2,630 with disabilities employed by Goodwill Industries. 

And here’s the return on investment from the people we placed in competitive employment: 

  • $143 million earned in their first year of work.
  • $  28 million paid in taxes.
  • $  73 million saved in tax-supported public assistance. 

That’s a total of $244 million dollars. 

Goodwill received $21 million in government grants and fees for employment services. That comes to a $223 million dollar return on investment! 

Goodwill’s innovative programs and services are the center of our mission and ensure that in everything we do, the people we serve come first. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support. 


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