Crazy for Color

I love a bright and colorful ensemble. Despite my oft-professed love of the ever-versatile neutral, brights can be just as multi-functional in a girl’s wardrobe, as long as they’re being used in the right way.

Which is why I was so happy to stumble across a whole rack of vividly colored, patterned, and beautifully bright scarves recently at my local Goodwill shop. A scarf is a great and easy way to add an instant pop of vibrant color to any outfit, without a lot of effort or time spent agonizing in front of the mirror.

And with an amazing and constantly rotating selection of pretty pieces like the one at my go-to thrifting spot, it’s unbelievably easy to find the perfect scarf to go with nearly any outfit. If you’re looking for something you can pair effortlessly with a wide range of looks, go for a scarf with an eye-catching pattern that’s sure to get you noticed, like a dazzling strip, zigzag, or chevron print. Or, for a seriously sophisticated alternative that’s sure to pair well with your work wardrobe, try a bold floral or pretty paisley, like the gray, white, and peach pick at the far left of the photo.


Whether you’re drawn to elegant paisleys or daring and dramatic graphic prints, you’re sure to find a scarf (or several) that works well with your wardrobe, and which you can easily throw on and go when you need to add a little extra oomph to your most tried-and-true ensembles.

Pattern and color aren’t as tricky as they seem. Really! Whether you pair a pretty scarf with an entirely neutral set of items or clothing in equally bright shades, the key is to keep your outfit relatively simple. For a fuss-free but still polished look, stick to solids when choosing your ensemble. Here, I’ve chosen a basic but still pretty summer look consisting of a solid tee in a vibrant blue that I picked off the rack at my local Goodwill, and tailored gray shorts. Perfect for wearing while running around town on the weekends or even to work (in a more casual environment) with a snazzy pair of heels, this look is simple but still put together. But the perfect finishing touch for the end of summer? A light, breezy, and brightly colored scarf that would truly takes any easy look up a notch.




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